MOO Is Getting Into The NFC Game?

Looks as if MOO plans to let users customize and order NFC cards that they can encode and reuse at will - The MOO app for Android that lets users encode their NFC cards with all kinds of information that can be read by anyone wielding an NFC device.... Offers Facebook Businesses Free Biz Cards

Facebook MOO Cards

Take Your Online Facebook Page Offline

I must say i’m a fan of Sure, you could get cheaper business cards made someplace else, but has the easiest card creation and best quality cards out there. Now, I would prefer that people adopt more techie ways to share contact info (You DO know I’m also a fan of QR Codes, right?). But, since everywhere I go people still ask “Do you have a card?” I’ve decided to combine the two and use to create QR Code biz cards.

MOO is becoming more and more recognizable and has previously launched campaigns That uses your information from sites like and Klout to personalize your own biz card. Well, the latest victim is Facebook, who will now let businesses and brands create free eye-catching cards based on their Page.

A Brotha’s Interactive Business Cards

I have written numerous posts about throwing away your business cards in favor of more modern ways to trade contact information:

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QR Code + LinkedIn + PingTags = New Online Business Card

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But every time I attend an event and tried to slang all the cool ways to “get the digits”, people still ask “Do you have a card?”

“If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”

If I MUST do up some business cards, I may as well add some tech to them (I am BrothaTech right?). So now it’s official – My business cards have some flare (no T.G.I.F.) and interactivity due to the QR Codes I slapped on them What do you think?