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Evernote Free, Premium, and Business Accounts Explained

If you’re thinking about getting into Evernote, or have finally created an account, congrats. It’s a great tool to organize your thoughts, and your life for that matter. First on your list of Evernote to-do’s should be to decide what level subscription you should sign up for.

Of course your Evernote experience will be different than others, so it’s hard to tell you specifically which plan: Free, Premium, or Business you should sign up for. But what I can do is provide a quick breakdown of the main features that differentiate the plans that I’m sure will help you choose what plan go to with.

Terrance GainesEvernote Free, Premium, and Business Accounts Explained

My Brand – Gadget News, Repairs and Sales?

My Brand - Gadget News, Repairs, and Sales? via

For those who have been follwing my blog or the posts for the sites/publications I’ve contributed to since 2009 or so, you should’ve been able to deduce that I’m into technology. Actually, I’m hoping the name of my site, and now my alias/nickname/brand should’ve tipped you off. If not, I’m doing branding WRONG.

Hopefully, I’m doing branding right, and you associate the BrothaTech brand with technology. If you look a little closer at my brand, you will see that I have a slight bias to consumer electronics as opposed to just covering technology as a whole. Dig a little deeper and you can tell that I’m into mobile technology (apps, devices, and accessories). For the past year, that’s been the majority of my content on my site as well with my other writing gigs.

Biggie Smalls - If you don't know

“And if you don’t know, now you know”

Over the past year, I’ve used that interest in mobile technology to expand into mobile device repair. Blogging is cool and I will still continue to be your resident “Techspert” with the latest and greatest on tech news, as it relates to gadgets and consumer electronics, but I felt that I needed a tangible skill/trade that I could provide to my readers/customers…Plus, I love tinkering and taking things apart and putting them back together. So, I figured I would assimilate mobile gadget repairs into my brand.

iPhone 4 dissassembly

iPhone 4 taken completely apart from a recent repair job

Going back to my blog for a second, I’ve always talked about gadgets, and have even offered guidance on what devices people should buy…and they went on ahead and bought those gadgest…FROM OTHER SITES. So in addition to the blog and the repairs, I’m really reasearching the possibility of expanding my brand into eCommerce. Between the posts that do well on my blog when I look at the stats, and all the questions I get asked on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…and even Google+ I’m pretty sure I have built up enough influence that if I did a gadget review on my site for example and concluded it with “You don’t even have to go anywhere to buy [insert thing i just reviewed]. You can cop it right from BrothaTech” you guys/gals would jump all over it.

All that to say I think I can add enough value to whatever I sell that I could be successfull at adding eCommerce to my brand. What would I sell you ask? Well that’s why I’m writing this post. I’m curious as to what techie, geeky, gadgety things you guys/gals would buy from me.

So I guess this lenghty posts is what they call an “open thread” to give me your suggestions on what you would buy in order to better determine what I should sell. I’ll will be doing my own research, but I want to make sure I am being open and transparent with my future customers. I can’t think of a better way than giving you the heads up on my next plans and to actually give you some input in my next venture. I’m hoping to grow a pair do some risk assessement and have my “shop” together early next year.

Until then, feel free to hit up my comments section with the types of technology products you think I should sell, how much you would spend, and more importantly, why you would buy from me, versus going to Amazon, eBay, or any other site that currently fulfills your technology product needs.

Terrance GainesMy Brand – Gadget News, Repairs and Sales?