BrothaTech at the 2015 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit

I will be in the house for the 2015 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit to learn, network and be inspired by fellow business owner’s on their grind.

Evernote Free, Premium, and Business Accounts Explained

Your Evernote experience will be different than others, so it’s hard to tell you specifically which plan you should choose. What I can do is provide a quick breakdown of the main features that differentiate the plans that I’m sure will help you choose what plan go to with.

Microsoft Outlook Released for iOS

Microsoft has decided to throw Outlook to the game as a contender for iOS users looking to get more email productivity from their mobile device.

My Brand – Gadget News, Repairs and Sales?

For those who have been follwing my blog or the posts for the sites/publications I’ve contributed to since 2009 or so, you should’ve been able to deduce that I’m into technology. Actually, I’m hoping the name of my site, and now my alias/nickname/brand should’ve tipped you off. If not, I’m doing branding WRONG. Hopefully, I’m […]

I’m Speaking At Women Interactive

No, I am not a lady (I hope that’s obvious by now), but I support all aspiring and seasoned women digital entrepreneurs, so when I was asked by the organizers to be a panel guest for this year’s event, I was down for the cause. For those who don’t know, Women Interactive is a yearly […]

New Home – Call Me The Digital Lifestyle Expert

Can’t remember where I heard it, but the phrase “you’re not just a blogger” is sticking in my head for some strange reason. Anywayz…It was about time that I have some “digital digs” that displays all my tech talents. So I am happy to announce the new

New Square Business Profile Page Options Lets You Market To More Square Users Beautifully

Square mobile credit card account holders (whether they know it or now) have a business directory where customers can find your “mobile-friendly” business. Before, all you could do is list a basic description about your business, what you sell, and how to contact you. Square has announced new options that let you jazz up your […]

Back at Home with Outright Online Financial Software and iPhone App

After a little hiatus, I’m back on the reservation as an Outright accounting user. I just learned that Outright updated its iPhone app with the ability add/edit transactions, and I just felt the needed to share…

Finding My Passion #3 – Apple Training

I’ve talked the talk. Now I’ve got to walk the walk…The first step in becoming an Apple Certified Professional…

Finding My Passion #2: All Apple Everything?

I’m finally starting to spread my wings (but in reverse) and focus my blog on more Apple-related technolgy…