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How to Use Technology To Cut…Technology Costs in Your Business

Most businesses know that technology can improve operations, increase capabilities, and better facilitate growth…but at a cost. Well actually, by reducing physical hardware/software and adopting cloud-based systems, you can absolutely use technology to cut costs as well.

11 computer mistakes you're making right now

11 Computer Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

Even though the shelf-life of computers are getting shorter and shorter, you should still want to keep you’re “baby” running as long as possible. Additionally, you also want to ensure that nothing bad happens to your computer at the worst possible time. To keep your computer up and running, and to squeeze more speed and productivity from your computer, here are 11 common computer mistakes you need to stop making…now.

4 reasons why your business should move to the cloud

4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Move To The Cloud

If you’re familiar with email, specifically, sending and receiving email messages that are not stored on your computer, you’re already operating in the cloud. Of course, cloud computing is much more than that, but most people are not comfortable enough to consider moving their entire operation to the cloud. So here’s a quick overview of cloud computing and 4 reasons why your business should move to the cloud.

Guest Post: Is the Cloud Worth It?

There has been much speculation on the value of cloud computing, and of course with the recent exodus of users from Dropbox due to their Terms and Conditions now featuring some interesting words about people’s files no longer being completely theirs once uploaded to Dropbox’s cloud network, it seems that people are still experimenting to find a good fit…