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World Backup Day – Take A Minute To Backup Your Stuff

Today is World Backup Day. You’ve probably got a busy weekend planned, but for the sake of NOT loosing all your photos, videos, music, files and other documents, today is the perfect day to take some time out to make sure you have a copy of your data, just in case something happens.

BrothaTech is a BackBlaze partner

Computer Backup Services by BrothaTech and BackBlaze

Instead of building an online computer backup service from scratch, I’ve decided to go with what I know and partnered up with BackBlaze, who’s been backing up my computers since 2011, so I can offer the same simple and reliable services to my IT support clients…and to you.

Online Backup vs Cloud Storage – How To Use Both In Your Technology Strategy

What’s that? You thought online backup and cloud storage were one in the same? Here is a breakdown of both online backup and cloud storage and how you can benefit from including both in your technology strategy.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use The Cloud Personally and Professionally

I understand if just you feel more ‘in control’ when you know where your files are stored. Not sure if you trust your data in the internet ether? Here are 3 reasons why the cloud adoption can come through in the clutch.

Tech Deal: Backup Your Data In The Cloud For $25 with Backblaze

Image credit: PLEASE tell me you’re backing up your phone/tablet/computer and not on some “it won’t happen to me” mess when it comes to data loss? It’s not a matter if you will lose data, it’s a matter of when. Ask anybody who has lost precious data and they will tell you that it’s […]

Simple Data Backup Strategy for Families

While there may be more intricate and invovled ways to backup your data, you need to start somewhere. Here is my easy to remember and implement data backup strategy to make sure your families’ data is safe in the event of  device or data loss.