What Would You Buy From BrothaTech?

Let’s just say you visited my site and the most recent post was “The BrothaTech Shop is now open for business” What product(s) would you immediately fill up your cart with?

Mobile Tithes And Offerings?

Yesterday, the Tech Fam’ attended our church’s Easter Service, and for the first time I payed my tithes and offerings via the church’s mobile app. I wonder how others feel about skipping the traditional “cash or check in the envelope” and opting for punching in your church giving via mobile phone?

My Brand – Gadget News, Repairs and Sales?

For those who have been follwing my blog or the posts for the sites/publications I’ve contributed to since 2009 or so, you should’ve been able to deduce that I’m into technology. Actually, I’m hoping the name of my site, and now my alias/nickname/brand should’ve tipped you off. If not, I’m doing branding WRONG. Hopefully, I’m […]