My 2015 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit Highlights

This was my first year attending and I must say the networking with colleagues, peers, entrepreneurs and small business owners was worth the trip alone. Additionally, I learned a few takeaways that I will most certainly use in my current and future business ventures.

BrothaTech at the 2015 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit

I will be in the house for the 2015 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit to learn, network and be inspired by fellow business owner’s on their grind.

I’m Speaking At Women Interactive

No, I am not a lady (I hope that’s obvious by now), but I support all aspiring and seasoned women digital entrepreneurs, so when I was asked by the organizers to be a panel guest for this year’s event, I was down for the cause. For those who don’t know, Women Interactive is a yearly […]

The Phat Startup Interviews BrothaTech

Lord forgive me, for I have sinned…and forgot to put up one of my favorite interviews to date. My main man James over at The Phat Startup reached out to talk blogging, branding, networking and business for their interview series. I joined an impressive list of business giants, tech wizzes, eHustlas, and social media ninjas […]

5 Reasons Entreprenuers Should Buy An iPad Mini

There is no doubt that holiday shoppers will buy the iPad Mini as a high-tech stocking stuffer for friends and family, but should you integrate the iPad Mini into your business?

3 Tips for Raising Venture Capital Funding

Ya boy is spreading his freelancing wings and penned a piece for BlackEnterprise about SendHub’s mass text messaging service and its co-founder Garrett Johnson who has caught the eye of Silicon Valley by raising 2 million in seed funding to expand on the service that makes it easy to send “opt-in” text messages to large groups.

Finding My Passion #3 – Apple Training

I’ve talked the talk. Now I’ve got to walk the walk…The first step in becoming an Apple Certified Professional…

Finding My Passion #2: All Apple Everything?

I’m finally starting to spread my wings (but in reverse) and focus my blog on more Apple-related technolgy…

Finding My Passion

I’m STILL trying to sort through what it is I REALLY should be doing 9am-5pm Monday-Friday …and maybe sometimes on the weekend…

2012 New Year, New Things, New Direction?

Just making sure I start 2012 off in the right direction…whatever direction that is.