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Rant: African Americans In Technology – Quit Hating On The Corporate Grind

Malik Ducard – Director of content partnerships, YouTube

The folks over at Business Insider have put out a list of the 25 Most Influential African Americans In Technology and as a fellow techie, it’s nice to recognize and personally know some of the people mentioned on their list Like Angela Benton, Wayne Sutton, and Kimberly Bryant.

The people on that list range from start up founders, to evangelists, actual employees at large technology companies. What I appreciate the most about this list is that it highlights those who have decided to climb the corporate ladder to make sure African Americans are visible, apart of the decision-making process, and are creating opportunities for people others inside of corporate America.

Don’t get me wrong, you better believe we need to see more diversity in STEM and technology entrepreneurship. So the brave souls who decide to “go against the grain” and set out on their own, should be singled out for their accomplishments.

Additionally, I know programming, coding, and development are “what’s hot” in entrepreneurship. So the people who decide to go down this lane will get more of the “shine” than the executive sitting in meetings all day.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – People who decide to choose the path of ‘Intrepreneur’ (#GTS) and decide to blaze a trail for others to follow in corporate America should be respected just as much as the entrepreneur who has decided to show people you can “be your own boss”, achieve your goals and live comfortably.

In other words, quit hating on folks with a 9-5! If they enjoy what they do and have found a company that will support their passions,  while collecting a steady paycheck AND making a difference, who are we to judge?

Now if you decide that path isn’t for you, that’s cool. But just remember, once your idea blows up, and the money and customers start to roll in, guess who you will have to interview and hire to help you get to the next level…Employees


What say you – Can African Americans in technology make the same impact within corporate America as those who have decided to become an entrepreneur?

Terrance GainesRant: African Americans In Technology – Quit Hating On The Corporate Grind

I’m Speaking At Women Interactive

No, I am not a lady (I hope that’s obvious by now), but I support all aspiring and seasoned women digital entrepreneurs, so when I was asked by the organizers to be a panel guest for this year’s event, I was down for the cause.

For those who don’t know, Women Interactive is a yearly creative technology festival held on the campus of Spelman College. The two-day event that caters to women of color who produce or share digital content. Whether you run a blog, digital magazine or YouTube Channel, or work in the digital space as an student, teacher, or media professional, Women Interactive provides the space and opportunity to network, learn, and inspire with like-minded people.

This year, I will be in the house as an panelist for the Workshop/Tech Talk entitled: “Blogging: Turning Your Lifestyle Into a Business”. While the “BrothaTech” brand is still a work in progress, I’d like to think I have some knowledge to impart being in the digital media game as a blogger, freelance writer, and now small business owner. So I am truley grateful to share the stage with other professionals giving the “Low down” on what it takes to grown as a digital entrepreneur.

So if you’re in the Atlanta area, be sure to come hang with a host of smart and intelligent Sistahs…and a Brotha or two, Friday-Saturday, November, 8-9th on Spelman College.

Special Bonus: Receive Half-Off Saturday’s Admission by attending the free Kick-off event at the Microsoft Store in Lenox Mall Friday evening, November 8th (RSVP Here).

For More information and general admission tickets, visit WomenInteractive.net

Terrance GainesI’m Speaking At Women Interactive

The Phat Startup Interviews BrothaTech

The Phat Startup Interviews BrothaTech

Lord forgive me, for I have sinned…and forgot to put up one of my favorite interviews to date. My main man James over at The Phat Startup reached out to talk blogging, branding, networking and business for their interview series.

I joined an impressive list of business giants, tech wizzes, eHustlas, and social media ninjas who have been interviewed and I must say the atmosphere of my interview was very laid back but informative…just the way I like it. I talked about how I got started blogging, and how I flipped my blog into a brand, and into a business. I also got a chance to shoutout:

1) Mrs. Tech who “encouraged” me to start a blog

2) My peers, colleagues and friends who have inspired and supported me throughout my journey

3) One of my favorite MC’s who would definitely sit on my mastermind roundtable

Do me a favor and check out my interview and be sure to show the Phat Startup crew some love.

Terrance GainesThe Phat Startup Interviews BrothaTech

ULGA Young Professionals 5th Annual Entrepreneur Boot Camp – I’m Speaking

Urban League of Georgia Young Professionals Entrepreneur Bootcamp SpeakerFor the past year or so, I’ve started to spread my wings and sign up for more speaking gigs. On a chance, I reached out to the folks at the National Urban Leage of Georgia and gauged their interest on a session for one of its upcoming events about “Choosing the Right Tech for Your Business”.

See, the one-day event is the ULGA Young Professionals 5th annual Entrepreneur Bootcamp and its focus is to give participants guidance and training from key leaders in the metro Atlanta business community during workshop sessions, where they will discuss various aspects of business ownership.

Based on my research, they have a nice line-up scheduled for the event covering topics including (but not limited to):

  • Legal and Tax Considerations for the New Entrepreneur
  • Creating an Effective Business Plan
  • Funding Your New Dream
  • Building a 501c3
  • Brand Development
  • Staff Management
  • Time Management
  • Public Relations

I figured “Hey, small businesses and entrepreneurs need to know what technology is out there to help them with their business, so my session idea sounds like a good fit”.

So I shot out an email via the event contact page and kept it moving. Shortly, after, an event organizer reached out and not only wanted me in the building, but after a look at my site, decided that I should sit on the event’s “Entrepreneur’s Roundtable”, discussing creating a niche market for your business with other dope Atlanta entrepreneurs.


So to all my Atlanta budding entrepreneurs, those looking to take you business to the next level, or if you just want to come out and support a Brotha, be sure to be in the house on Saturday, August 3rd for the Young Entrepreneurs Bootcamp.

The group just gave the lowdown on 100 free registrations using the promo code “EBCFREE” via the Eventbrite page. But hurry, it’s first come first serve so don’t procrastinate.

Terrance GainesULGA Young Professionals 5th Annual Entrepreneur Boot Camp – I’m Speaking