Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard – Desktop Productivity And Space Saving

There have definitely been times when I’ve reached for my iPhone or iPad to reply to a text message or other in-app notification while sitting at my desk in front of a full-functioning desktop keyboard. The Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard wants to be your go-to desktop productivity device for those exact times when typing on a full keyboard just makes more sense.

Video: What’s In Your Tech Bag

I’ve owned my new MacBook for a little over a month and the bag I was using to carry it around was showing it’s age. So I decided to go out a purchase a new one for my Mac and all the tech I carry. So I decided to you all the gadgets and gizmos I schlep around with me everyday.

Out With The Old – Recycle Gadgets To Give Back

A Babble Joint I’m sure we all have a closet full of old gadgets and gizmos from ‘presents of Christmas past’ that we no longer use. Sure, you’ve thought about selling your gadgets to get some cash. I’m assuming the reason why you haven’t done so is because you’re lazy you just don’t know the […]

[Video] MyCharge Jolt 2000D Overview – Multiple Phone Power

I routinely carry multiple devices that need power. In many cases, I will have two smartphones on my person: Samsung Galaxy S4 and my iPhone 5 (don’t ask why…Imma gadget fiend). Both of those devices need power. Know you all should know by now that I love those extended batteries that can change smartphones and […]

Ditch Your Long and Tangled iOS Cord with Lightlinez XS Perfect Length Lightning Cable

One of my favorite places to shop for mobile device accessories is CableJive.com – They always carry the right cord for the right job. When I stumbled upon the brand-spankin’ new Lightlinez XS short-length Lighting cable, I had to check it out. So the nice folks at Kenburg Technology sent me one to check out. […]

What I’m Backing: ZenDock MacBook Dock

If you don’t follow my blog, I’ve recently upgraded my home office to include dual monitors but I’m having an issue with all the cables hanging off my MacBook when it’s “docked”. I did a search and stumbled upon a new Kickstarter project that’s essentially a fly MacBook port replicator…

Gadget Alert: PlugBug 10W USB Charger for Apple MagSafe Power Adapter

My MacBook Pro power adapter was on it’s LAST leg, so I bought a shiny new one. I also sprang for a PlugBug 10W USB Charger as well.

Tablet Productivity – Kensington Expert Multi-Angle Folio and Keyboard Feedback

One of my “SantaTech” recipients from the Blogging While Brown 2012 Conference shares her experience with the Kensington Expert Multi Angle Folio and keyboard…

Tech Tip: Keep Your Earbud Cords Tangle-Free with A Business Card

I hate tangled cords and business cards!…Since I guess I need business cards and can’t stand tangled cords, at least I can use one to cancel the other…