Google Tasks for iOS

Google G Suite Software Users Will Love This New App Addition To Their Beloved Apple Mobile Hardware

I know there are some Apple users who are deeper into the G Suite ecosystem than I am, so I wanted to make sure I spread the word that Google has released a native Tasks app for iPhone and iPad.

Guest Post: 5 Google Voice Alternatives For Consumers And Small Businesses

Google Voice is likely to get shut down and/or bundled into Google Hangouts: The writing on the wall now looks like it’s coming true. If you’re a business or a consumer that relies on Google Voice, this is bad news. Fortunately, a number of solid Google Voice alternatives now exist.

5 Ways to Manage Your Families Digital Lifestyle with Google Apps

I may dig Apple hardware, but I’m also smitten on Google services (I think there’s a #ManLaw about a grown man using the word smitten). Anyway, I use Google Apps for all my BrothaTech stuff, as well as for my family. That’s right, even though businesses and educational organizations large and small are the primary clients […]

How To: Two Google Voice Accounts On One Smartphone

Google Voice doesn’t allow two separate numbers to be forwarded to a “mobile” number. Here is a work-around for all those people who have multiple Google Voice accounts that you need to answer on one smartphone.