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#EventTech: Pull Off The Perfect Holiday Event With Technology

‘Tis the season for holiday parties. Some of us just like to get together with close family and friends. Others look forward to the ratchety rambunctiousness of their annual corporate function. There are more festive folks who love those “Ugly Sweater” parties, while there are people like me who are doing push-ups and crunches right now in order to jettison that Thanksgiving weight to get into “suit and tie” shape for a swanky, ‘dress code strictly enforced’, shindig…ya dig?

If you’re planning a holiday event, you on the other hand, might be currently stressing out over RSVP numbers, event locations, whether or not to go open bar, getting contracts signed…and all the other little (but major) intricacies that make up a successful or dreadful event.

Have no fear, there is some cool technology that can make your holiday event planning easier to execute, and more enjoyable to attend.

Terrance Gaines#EventTech: Pull Off The Perfect Holiday Event With Technology

Tech Gifts For the Geek In Your Life

2013 BrothaTech geek

Who has two thumbs and is a tech geek?

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What, you thought I forgot about the tech geeks?

I know, I know…Shopping for a tech geek (like me) can be hard when they either already has all the gadgets and gizmos, or plan on getting the hottest devices before you can even blink.

Mrs. Tech can vouch for the level of difficulty that goes with buying the perfect gift for the somebody like me. So I decided to do some digging and come up with some cool tech devices that just I’m sure I would dig as gifts (I hope a certain somebody is reading this).

More importantly, these are gift ideas that you may not find on any other holiday season gadget gift-list:

  • Slim Wallet by Supr
  • Brookstone Stick-N-Find Bluetooth Location Tracker
  • Viper SmartAlarm System
  • Revolv Home Automation Hub
  • Escort Passport 8500 X50 Radar Detector
  • Parrott AR.Drone Quadricopter
  • Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote

There is a good chance these items aren’t in the crosshairs of the tech geek in your life. Check out my “Not Your Average 7 Tech Gifts For Dad” on Babble to find out why I picked these dope gifts.


Terrance GainesTech Gifts For the Geek In Your Life

Tech Tools For Creating the Best Holiday Cards

Holiday Cards - Tiny Prints

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Every year around this time, Mrs. Tech stresses out about sending holiday cards. Making an appointment with a photographer/studio, finding matching outfits for us (lame), and making sure everybody smiles (and stays clean) can prove to be a overwhelming for her. That’s not counting the time it takes to create and mail the cards. But every year, she powers through…That’s why I call her “Michelle Huxtable” Or “Claire Obama”.

As a tech geek, I’m always trying to find ways to make her job easier. My low-tech suggestion is “They will be alright if they don’t get a holiday card this year” As you can imagine, that suggestion doesn’t make it to the final cut. My technology suggestion would be to use all these gadgets, apps, and websites that I’m familiar with that will cut down on the amount of effort (and cash) it takes to create those admittedly pretty cute holiday cards she sends out every year.

Check out my “The Best Apps and Website to Make Holiday Cards a Breeze” post on Babble for some pretty slick suggestions this year for her and anybody else looking to find easy ways to shoot and create the perfect holiday card


Terrance GainesTech Tools For Creating the Best Holiday Cards

[Tech Tip] Holiday Shopping Without Losing Your Sanity

Holiday Shopping Without Losing Your Sanity via BrothaTech.comA Babble Joint

During college, and shortly thereafter, I worked in retail at one of those big-box electronics superstores. While the extra money was great around the holiday shopping season, I equally hated it with a passion deep down in the depths of my soul. Why you ask? Because not only could I not kick it with family and friends for the entire holiday, I was stuck dealing with the normally nice customers turned crazed monsters infected with the terminal disease of missing out on a deal-itis.

Here’s a little secret – The store will ALWAYS run out of those uber-cheap door buster deal that was in the newspaper circular. They do that to get you in the door and convince you to buy something else — It’s called “bait and switch” and it works because people literlly run up in the store looking for a deal, only to buy twice as much stuff in order to not waste a trip.

This is not really a tech-related story, but having been on both sides of the coin (retail employee and shopper) during the most busiest times of the year, I thought I would give you some low-tech “Do’s and Don’ts” to make the most of holiday shopping to while still remembering that giving thanks and spending time with family and friends is the reason for the season  and NOT maxing out credit cards to buy gifts for random people:

  • DON’T expect 99.9% off
  • DO look for good secondary deals
  • DON’T shop for the sake of shopping
  • DO have a shopping list
  • DON’T feel rushed to buy
  • DO try to shop local
  • DON’T let hunting for deals mess with your holiday spirit

Be sure to check out my “Low-Tech Black Friday and Cyber Monday Do’s And Dont’s” post on Babble and get the details behind my tips and tricks — And try not to lose yourself in all the hoopla.

Terrance Gaines[Tech Tip] Holiday Shopping Without Losing Your Sanity