#EventTech: Pull Off The Perfect Holiday Event With Technology

‘Tis the season for holiday parties. Some of us just like to get together with close family and friends. Others look forward to the ratchety rambunctiousness of their annual corporate function. There are more festive folks who love those “Ugly Sweater” parties, while there are people like me who are doing push-ups and crunches right now in order to jettison that Thanksgiving weight to get into “suit and tie” shape for a swanky, ‘dress code strictly enforced’, shindig…ya dig?

If you’re planning a holiday event, you on the other hand, might be currently stressing out over RSVP numbers, event locations, whether or not to go open bar, getting contracts signed…and all the other little (but major) intricacies that make up a successful or dreadful event.

Have no fear, there is some cool technology that can make your holiday event planning easier to execute, and more enjoyable to attend.

Tech Tools For Creating the Best Holiday Cards

A Babble Joint Every year around this time, Mrs. Tech stresses out about sending holiday cards. Making an appointment with a photographer/studio, finding matching outfits for us (lame), and making sure everybody smiles (and stays clean) can prove to be a overwhelming for her. That's not counting the time it takes to create and mail the cards. But every year, she powers through...

[Tech Tip] Holiday Shopping Without Losing Your Sanity

A Babble Joint During college, and shortly thereafter, I worked in retail at one of those big-box electronics superstores. While the extra money was great around the holiday shopping season, I equally hated it with a passion deep down in the depths of my soul. Why you ask? Because not only could I not kick it with family and friends for the entire holiday, I was stuck dealing with the normally nice customers turned crazed monsters infected with the terminal disease of missing out on a deal-itis. Here's a little secret - The...

Best Holiday Health And Fitness Tech

[caption id="attachment_12528" align="alignright" width="400"] Withings Smart Body Analyzer[/caption] Between the leftover Halloween candy you're currently siphoning from your kids trick-or-treat bags; to all the coma-esque "Itis" naps you plan on taking shortly after Thanksgiving; to all the finger food that will passed around at all the holiday parties you plan on attending, there's no country for staying in shape between now and the New Year Or is there? If you have decided that the holidays will NOT ruin your current health and fitness regimen, or you want to get in the habit...