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Dekke Slope Tablet Stand – SECURE Gadget Elegance

Most of the tablet stands I’ve used have done a good job of making sure my iPad stays put when in use. The problem is, they are not as sexy as my iPad is, so the experience…Just gets the job done.

When the folks at Dekke asked me to try out the sleek Slope tablet stand with an unconventional way to hold my iPad, I had to test it out to see how good the stand looks, and how good it holds.

Terrance GainesDekke Slope Tablet Stand – SECURE Gadget Elegance

Microsoft Office for iPad Coming Soon?

Microsoft Office for iPad Coming Soon via BrothaTech

There are many apps out there that give you the ability to view, edit, and share Microsoft Office documents on your Apple devices. For whatever reason, Microsoft has been ix-nay on bringing its premiere productivity suite to the Apple mobile platform.

Many have speculated that it’s because Microsoft wanted to leverage Office as a tool to get users to stay in the MS device ecosystem. In other words…The iPad doesn’t have Office, so you should buy a Surface tablet from Microsoft, or buy a 3rd-party made Windows RT (Tablet) device so you can be more productive on the go.

From a look at the sales numbers for Windows-powered tablets, let’s just say that plan if true, didn’t pan out the way Microsoft would’ve hoped. On the flip-side, iPads still continue to dominate the tablet category.

With the on-boarding of the new Microsoft CEO, Sataya Nadella who believes the the new direction of Microsoft should be “mobile first, cloud first”, it will be hard if not impossible to ignore the potential revenue from getting Office on iOS.

So word on the street is that Nadella and Microsoft will be unveiling Office for the iPad on March 27th. No word on an actual availability date or cost for Microsoft Office for iPad, but I’m sure there are a ton of MS Office desktop fans that keep in iPad covertly tucked under their arm during travel who would jump at the ideal of seamlessly working on their documents no matter where they are.

Would you use Microsoft Office on your iPad?

Terrance GainesMicrosoft Office for iPad Coming Soon?