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CableJive dockStubz Pass Through Lightning Port Extender

We own a “right before Bluetooth in the car was normal” ride that I paid to install a 30-pin iPhone/iPod/iPad cable so we can listen to music from our iDevices. Since then, we have upgraded to Devices that use the 8-pin lightning port.

Not a problem — I just purchased several 30-pin to Lightning port adapters and keep one in the car. Just recently, I decided to use a case with my iPhone 5 that subsequently made connecting my phone to the Lightning port adapter impossible unless I removed my phone from the case every time I wanted to listen to music in the car…Popping CD’s in is NOT AN OPTION EITHER! Who do you think I am?

I remembered the good folks at CableJive sent me their dockStubz “skinny” pass-through Lightning port extender to review a while back. Real talk — I threw it in my “Gadgets I’ll never use but I’m a tech hoarder, so I imma keep it because…reasons” drawer in my office. So I dug it out hoping it would solve my problem.

Did a video about it, wanna watch it, here it go:

Terrance GainesCableJive dockStubz Pass Through Lightning Port Extender

Trident Case Review – Sturdy And Slim Wins Me Over

I like my phones like I like my woman – Naked. But I decide to give Trident Case for my iPhone 5 and iPad 2 a try because I want to see if there is a rugged case in existence that won’t put a bulge in my pockets…and no I’m not happy to see you.

Pros: Cases will protect your iDevices like the best of them without sacrificing a slim profile.

Cons: I could do without the silicone plugs that protect all the ports from dust/debris.

Personally (and professionally) I hate phone cases. Especially the “tough” or “rugged” cases that are supposed to protect your phone from drops, cracks, and other mishaps that I otherwise always end up fixing for my customers as a part of my Mac repair business. The main reason why I hate these type of cases is because they are bulky and I REALLY hate bulgy front pockets. For most of the iDevice cases I’ve seen, you always end up sacrificing sleek and sexy for safe and secure…Something I haven’t been willing to do in the past.

Probably not the best way to start a case review post I suppose. Which is why I was surprised at myself for agreeing to review the Cyclops iPhone 5S case and the Kraken A.M.S. iPad 2/3/4th generation case from Trident Case. Trident Case boasts the same features that most other rugged case manufacturers boast, but what peeked my interest was that the cases weren’t actually as thick as some its competitors. So I decided to give them a go and tried both cases out on my devices for a couple of weeks.

Cyclops Case For Apple iPhone 5/5S

Again, you check out the feature list for the Cyclops Case and you will find similar bullet points that other manufacturers tout: Eco-friendly, shock-adsorbent plastic polymer/polycarbonate material combination that’s Military-tested drop (up to 4 ft. on concrete), vibration, dust, sand, and rain resistant. Built-in screen protector to stop your screen from getting scratched up.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t do any serious testing outside of shoving my phone in the same pocket as my keys — Which should be all the phone testing you need to do. It also got slammed around in my computer bag with all my other gadgets. For the little testing I did, the Cyclops Case held up its end of the bargain by keeping my iPhone safe and scratch free.

But that’s not why I agreed to review the Cyclops Case. I really wanted to see how much bulk this thing was going to add to my iPhone…which in the end, was very little. Of course, with all the protection Trident Case claims Cyclops can shield your device from, there was some girth added to my device. BUT not nearly as much as other cases.

Comparatively speaking, the Cyclops Case boasts a super slim design that can slide in and out of pockets of ease. So my REAL test was the “pocket bulge” test. To my surprise, the case passed the test, and I hardly didn’t notice the phone in my pocket. I’m lying, I did feel a difference going from no case at all to a military-tested rugged case. But it was a difference I could live with considering the amount of protection the case provided my phone.

Kraken A.M.S. Case for Apple iPad

Same goes for the Kraken A.M.S. Case for my iPad 2. Now, the iPad case did add some noticeable heft to my iPad, more so than the Cyclops on iPhone. On my iPad, I didn’t mind, especially now that my kids are at that age when they can grab my iPad, enter the pass code, and go off and do their thing without my assistance.

The Kraken uses a triple-layer polycarbonate/silicone/polycarbonate sandwich for drop/crack protection, with a built-in screen protector to make sure my iPad screen doesn’t get mysteriously scratched up by monsters…or ghosts. The Kraken is also military-tested to withstand drops onto concrete from 4ft up, vibration for up to 18 hours, 7.9 inches of rain at 40mph for up to 1 hour, and dust/sand for 3 hours at up to 60 ft. per second.

Which brings me to my only gripe about The Cyclops and Kraken cases…There are little silicone plugs that keep dust and debris out of the power port, audio-jack, and speaker slots…Which means every time I went to charge/sync my device, listen to some music through my headphones, or mute my phone, I had to peel back one of these plugs. That got annoying real quick in the beginning, but I reluctantly got used to digging my nails in the silicone plugs over time.

In the end, Trident Case did win me over to using a case with the slim design of the Cyclops ($39.95) and Kraken A.M.S.($69.95) cases, not to mention that you don’t need to be member of the ‘Oceans Eleven’ to open these cases, but even with their added dirt and debris protection, the plugs would force to choose another line of Trident Case, like the equally sturdy and slim Apollo Mesh Case for iPhone 5 or the Aegis Case for iPad.

I will definitely rock with these cases, that is until the new line of iDevices drop in a little over a month from now. Will have to circle back with Trident Case to see what new hotness they have in store the iPhone 6.

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Terrance GainesTrident Case Review – Sturdy And Slim Wins Me Over

Microsoft Office for iPad Coming Soon?

Microsoft Office for iPad Coming Soon via BrothaTech

There are many apps out there that give you the ability to view, edit, and share Microsoft Office documents on your Apple devices. For whatever reason, Microsoft has been ix-nay on bringing its premiere productivity suite to the Apple mobile platform.

Many have speculated that it’s because Microsoft wanted to leverage Office as a tool to get users to stay in the MS device ecosystem. In other words…The iPad doesn’t have Office, so you should buy a Surface tablet from Microsoft, or buy a 3rd-party made Windows RT (Tablet) device so you can be more productive on the go.

From a look at the sales numbers for Windows-powered tablets, let’s just say that plan if true, didn’t pan out the way Microsoft would’ve hoped. On the flip-side, iPads still continue to dominate the tablet category.

With the on-boarding of the new Microsoft CEO, Sataya Nadella who believes the the new direction of Microsoft should be “mobile first, cloud first”, it will be hard if not impossible to ignore the potential revenue from getting Office on iOS.

So word on the street is that Nadella and Microsoft will be unveiling Office for the iPad on March 27th. No word on an actual availability date or cost for Microsoft Office for iPad, but I’m sure there are a ton of MS Office desktop fans that keep in iPad covertly tucked under their arm during travel who would jump at the ideal of seamlessly working on their documents no matter where they are.

Would you use Microsoft Office on your iPad?

Terrance GainesMicrosoft Office for iPad Coming Soon?