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Which is Faster- iPhone 5S or Samsung Galaxy S4? #AskBrothaTech

Which Is Faster- iPhone 5S Or Samsung Galaxy S4 via BrothaTech.comSince I’m a Brotha that’s into technology (see where I get the name?), I often get tech-related questions via email and social media. So I’ve decided to start a new column on my blog entitled (you guessed it) #AskBrothaTech where I highlight some of the most common (or uncommon) questions as it relates to technology and the Digital Lifestyle.

Here is the latest from a question sent to me via Facebook:

“Hey BrothaTech,

I need to upgrade from my iPhone 4. It’s just too slow for me. I’m thinking about going back to an Android. Maybe the S4. Thoughts? I need speed more than anything.

Sincerely, Speed Demon”

(I added the Speed Demon part because reasons)

Ah yes, the age-old question I get asked the most. In my opinion, all of the flagship smartphones are so close in technical specs that just trying to eyeball which phone is the fastest is nearly impossible.

But since I know y’all ain’t trynna hear “it depends” I’m going to try and give you my honest, non-diplomatic, but non fan boy-ish answer. Smartphone speed is broken down into two factors out-of-the-box speed and how compatible a person is using one device over the other.

Out of the box

Like I said earlier, smartphones are so close spec-wise that a straight-up legit benchmark test can only reveal a “winner” and “loser” between an iPhone 5S and a flagship Android device like the Samsung Galaxy S4. Since I don’t have the time (and don’t get paid) to be messing around with benchmark test, I will say that from a “too many hands in the cookie jar” standpoint, an iPhone may just end up slightly faster than a GS4 out of the box.

From the conception to the assembly line to a consumer’s hands, Apple has been known to be a dictator. They control the hardware and software that goes on every device out of the box. Conversely, the Android OS (owned by Google), device manufacturer (in this case Samsung), and the wireless carrier all have a stake in what goes on the the device before you even open the box. As a result, all that extra stuff we techies affectionately call bloatware in theory can slows down the GS4…Unless you pay full price upfront for a Google Play edition GS4 straight from the source.


Here is where the “it depends” catch-all rears its ugly head, but is a valid point I must make. It doesn’t matter how fast the actual device is – It depends on your compatibility with the device and it’s ecosystem. For example, If you’re always using Google’s services (Gmail, Google Drive, Maps, Calendar, etc.) you will find that those services are integrated into and Android so smoothly, you may find that the GS4 faster than an iPhone 5S, even if those same services are available for iOS.

Same goes for iOS, if you’re knee deep in the Apple ecosystem (iTunes, iMessage, App Store, iLife, etc.) you will find that getting that content on an Android device takes extra steps that could slow down your productivity. As a result, you will feel more productive on an iPhone 5S over the GS4. In other words, your comfort and level of investment with each device/ecosystem should determine which device is “faster”.


Bloatware aside, which may or may not even be a deal breaker, In the end, you will have to decide what’s more important to you: device speed or device compatibility.

Before any of you crazy fan boys (that don’t even get paid by Apple or Google to be fan boys) hit my site with all your “exceptions to the rule”, keep in mind that everybody’s situation is different, so speed truly does “depend” on how you use a smartphone in the long run.

If you have any tech questions you want me to answer, be sure to hit up my Contact Page, or use the Hashtag #AskBrothaTech on Social Media when submitting questions.

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Summon A Snow Plow From Your Smartphone

Summon A Snow Plow From Your Smartphone via BrothaTech.com

Photo Credit: />ylan/>. via Compfight cc

Way back in the day, my brother and I went door to door shoveling neighbor’s driveways for $10 bucks to save up for our first NES game (Metal Gear). In my opinion, shoveling show is a dope winter hustle because as much as we love playing in the snow, NO ONE wants to actually shovel that heavy crap off their driveway and they will gladly throw money at the situation…We actually bought two games…and some french fries

Fast forward to 2014 – I’ve moved down south (Ha!), so I no longer have to deal with punishing winter snow storms. Even if we did get a crazy snow storm down in the “A” I’m too old to be messing with snow.

If I were back up north facing yet another snow storm hitting most of the country as I type this post, instead of throwing on my “long johns” under my clothes and wearing double tube socks, I’d probably pull out my smartphone and use the Plowz app that can locate, schedule and pay a local plowman to come and clear up my driveway while I stay in the house and eat some of Mrs. Tech’s BOMB-ASS chili.

For my peeps in the path of this latest winter blast who are not looking forward to moving heavy snow around after it’s over, Plowz is an iPhone and Android app that will help you contract a snow plow driver to clear your driveway.

According to the Plowz site, tapping the “Schedule a Plow” button after you’ve described your driveway, entered your location and preferred time, and approved a price, a snow plow driver will come your way to start shoveling snow. Once the job is complete, the app will bill your credit card without worrying about invoices and tips…I would suggest you tip them a couple bucks anyway if allowed…IT’S COLD OUT THERE!

With Plowz, you can even send a snow plow driver to another home as a gift or to look out for an elderly neighbor. The assigned plower will send you a pick of their work to ensure the job is done right. I can imagine some richers on vacation someplace nice using Plowz to have their driveway plowed so they can return to a clear parking spot for their car #Hate.

Be sure to check the Plowz website to see if there are any available snow plows in your area….If not, be sure to stay [the opposite of] frosty.

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About Time An App Forced You To Shoot Videos in Landscape

About Time An App Forced You To Shoot Videos in Landscape via BrothaTechThe new Horizon app records iPhone videos in landscape mode no matter which way you hold your phone.

Those thick black bars on the sides of smartphone videos are one of my TOP pet peeves. That means if you have videos you’ve recorded on your smartphone with thick black bars I HATE YOU.

I hate, I repeat…HATE it so much that I did a video about it. I’m positive I’m not the only one either. The developers of the new iPhone app Horizon is the answer to all those people who don’t remember to flip their phone sideways when shooting videos.

Simply put, Horizon can record videos in landscape mode, which removes those black bars that make videos look good on just about EVERY FRIGGIN’ screen on earth nowadays, even if you forget to flip your phone horizontally.

Horizon, Horizontal…Get it?


If you’re one of the good ones who already shoots in landscape, Horizon records all of the content captured on screen like you were using the native camera app. If you use Horizon while shooting in portrait mode, the app will capture a smaller portion of the video, as indicated by the upper and lower sections of the video shaded or grayed out. Another negative is that you won’t get the full video resolution if you film in portrait mode with Horizon.

Do me a favor, don’t make me hate you and check out Horizon on sale for $0.99 on iTunes.

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Next Generation iPhone 5S – What To Expect

Apple iPhone 5S Event Invite via BrothaTech.com

A Babble Joint

The Rumor Mill loves when an Apple announcement lurks around the corner. Image leaks, wild and crazy analyst assumptions, and “sources close to the matter” all give tech publications fodder to cook up some pretty interesting stories about what Apple is cooking up.

This latest round of rumors for the better half of this year have circled around the latest iPhone. According to history, Apple has released a new version of its precious iPhone, then released an upgraded version of the same phone the following year.

The upgraded version usually looks the same from a design standpoint, but with upgraded internal hardware. Will this year be any different as tech publications have all but decided that on Tuesday, September 10th, Apple will announce the iPhone 5S?

You will have to tune in to the official Apple event on that day. Until then, check out my iPhone 5S rumor round-up on Babble

What to Expect from the Next Generation iPhone 5S

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Kahnoodle App Gamify’s Spicing Up Couples Love Life Beyond Valentine’s Day

{A PCMag Joint}

It’s that time of year again where couples go out of their way to show their love and affection for each other only to go back to the way things were after the Valentine’s Day or weekend love fest (Don’t front). The Kahnoodle app for iPhone looks to keep couples’ love life more active on a regular basis by giving them points for all the “love tasks” and other lovey-dovey activities they complete.

According to Black Enterprise, creator Zuhairah Scott Washington was inspired to create the app after reading “The 5 Love Languages,” a book that describes the different ways in which people want to give and receive love.

To get started, you have to rank your “love style” by arranging several categories (Affectionate Touch, Quality Time, Gift, Thoughtful Acts, Verbal Praise, Spontaneity, Sexual Intimacy) in the order that’s most important to you. Then you have to guess the number one priority for your mate and how often you’re willing to do this for them.

Next up is inviting your partner so you can see their rankings (and they can see yours) to compare. From there, you’re presented with several different sections where you and your mate can keep the relationship juices flowing (Ewww).

Too bad Mrs. Tech has defected from Apple…Hopefully and Android version will be released soon.

Read more about how Kahnoodle works on PCMag’s AppScout blog

AppScout Logo

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Evernote Hello Update – New Design, Business Card Scanner

Evernote Hello contact OptionsIf you don’t know by now, I’m a self-proclaimed Evernote Evangelist *Crosses his fingers on his recent Evernote Ambassador application*. One of my favorite Evernote apps is Hello that lets you save contact information with context. In other words, instead of just capturing basic contact information, Hello can also capture what they look like, when you met them, where you met them, and how many times you’ve met them.

The one thing Hello was missing was the ability to scan and digitize business cards. I’m happy to say Evernote has plugged that hole and can now capture business card information making it even easier to throw away biz cards remember everything…about the people you meet.

Before I get to the juicy part, Hello has been redesigned to make it even easier to save contacts. In addition to adding contacts manually, or from your calendar events, users can now connect to Facebook and LinkedIn so it can build an even thicker digital Rolodex with images, social media profiles and other relevant information.

Users can also choose to use the new Hello Connect feature that “scans the room” for other Hello users at an event, meeting, or meetup and can automatically exchange contact information. Think of it as networking sonar. Of course, all of this information can by synced with your current Evernote account so you have instant access to your contacts anywhere you have access your account. Or, you can save Hello contacts to your phone’s address book…You know, for the people you REALLY know.

The highlight of this update for me is the business card scanning feature. Available to everyone for the next couple of months, but eventually for Premium Evernote users only (like me), users can add a contact to Hello by snapping a picture of a business card. Hello captures, organizes and digitizes all the information on the card and creates a profile. If an email on a card matches an email found publicly from Facebook or LinkedIn, Hello will “connect the dots” and add even more information for a more complete contact entry.

All this in addition to storing location and date information when you add or reconnect with a Hello contact. I’ve been jumping around and using multiple apps to manage contacts. It’s pretty safe to say that I can ditch the other crap consolidate and just use Evernote Hello.

Check out the hot new Hello features for iPhone and a less feature-rich version on Android (hopefully the new features will cross over) and let me know what you think.

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