CableJive dockXtender – Plug and Play Docking Cable That Works with ALL iPhone Cases

The problem with most iPhone cases is that they leave NO ROOM for when you want to dock your phone with another iDevice-compatible gadget like an alarm clock or portable/desktop speakers. Enter CableJive’s dockXtender – a cable that works with ALL cases and compatible docks…

Ask a Brotha: iPhone 4S Or Wait For iPhone 5?

Every once in a while, I get tech questions via social media networks and other channels. One follower asked if he should get the iPhone 4S now or wait on the iPhone 5 rumored to be released later this year…

My iPhone 4s Butt-Lift

I was feeling a little froggy after successfully tearing up and fixing Mrs. Tech’s MacBook. So I figured “why not void my Apple warranty in order to add some extra style to my iPhone 4s?”

BrothaTech’s Smartphone Customization, Courtesy of ZAGGskins

First and foremost, let me tell you that I absolutely hate smartphone cases. I like to keep my phones sleek, sexy and naked. But I do recognize that I need some sort of protection for my iPhone 4S. Folks have been diggin’ my latest customized iPhone skin. So I might as well dish the dirt on how I created my own Skin with the help of a dope artist/designer (optional) and the ZAGG personalized gadget skins…

Yes your iPhone CAN control your house

Last night, I attended a business networking event in my area (I moonlight as a residential A/V installer). While I was working the room, I kept hearing myself repeat “yes you can control your home with an iPhone.” The folks thought that was pretty cool. But the problem I kept running into with the conversations […]

Use your iPhone to pay for Starbucks orders

One of my first articles as a blogger was called “Mobile Tagging”. The article was mainly about being able to create and scan “barcodes” (one type of code is called QR code) in order to share such things like contact info and web links using your web-enabled smart phone. I knew this technology was cool […]