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Registering Your Kid’s Social Media Usernames

I’m a techie, so I thought it would be a good idea to register my kids “gubment” domain names – I wanted to make sure they own their digital identity when they are ready to handle the responsibility, and I thought it would be a cool [tech] Rites Of Passage gift.

I thought about registering their email addresses as well – That way they wouldn’t be tempted to register some weird “sweetnsassy2010@[insert email service here].com” email address and wonder why they can’t get a job after they graduate college.

Then I got to thinking, with social media networks being so prevalent now, especially with the teens, why not go all out and register their Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr…and everything else that pops up between now and when I’m ready to connect them to the innanets?

Now I know there are a ton of people who network via the web who currently don’t use their real names. I also understand that half of the fun is creating a pseudo-identity to connect with others with similar interests, or to get away from the stress of real life. I guess I was just trying to plan ahead for when they are ready to “stop playing” and get real on the web.

Now I haven’t actually went as far as to start registering email addresses and social networking profiles for my kids because who knows what they will be into when they come of age – They are only 3 and 5. So my question is geared more towards the parents out there with of-age kids who are ready to “plug in”

Would you register your kid’s real names on social networking sites to ensure their proper digital identify is intact…or am I being a too helpful [tech] helicopter dad?

Terrance GainesRegistering Your Kid’s Social Media Usernames

Are You Ready To Introduce Your Kids To Technology?

Tech 2.0 Birthday GiftMy youngest daughter (AKA, Tech 2.0, AKA, Pooter) turned 3 years old this past weekend. We asked her what she wanted for her birthday. She’s into “Dora The Explorer”, so she had a laundry-list of Dora-branded merchandise she required.

Since I’m a techie, I had half a mind to give her a ton of age-appropriate gadgets to as they say “train up a child…” So I did some research of course found a magnitude of geeky toys you would expect my kids would have. Suprisingly, my other half wasn’t so sure about forcing encouraging her to adopt technology so soon.

Since she is only 3, I’m certain she would’ve loved anything we bought her. Conversly, she has the attention span of your average 3 year-old. So no matter how big her eyes got after unwrapping them, and no matter how interactive or educational the tech gifts were, she would be “on to the next” probably sooner than I would have liked, especially if I spent a good amount of money on not only the gadgets, but also the must-have accessories.

Additionally, I wasn’t born a techie. Growing up my parents were just below middle-class, so we didn’t have all the latest and greatest tech gifts of our time. Fast forward to today, all I can think about are gadgets. As a result, slowly but surely, my kids will be exposed to technology simply by watching Mrs. Tech and I. I mean, they already know how to unlock our mobile devices and navigate the screens to get to their favorite apps & games.

In the end, “Granny & Pop-Pop Tech” went overboard and got her a bunch of stuff, while Mrs. Tech and I made a compromise and got her some items off her “Dora List” while sneaking some tech in there and got her a cute little digital camera…that takes horrible shots, but is cute.

Technology is everywhere. My girls are only 5 and 3, so they will undoubtedly grow up in the digital age. Eventually, we will start integrating S.T.E.M. type stuff into their daily routine. But for now, I think I will let my kids just be kids and enjoy some of the simple things that we grew up on like dolls, blocks and candy.

What do you think? How soon should parents start introducing tech into their kid’s lives?

Terrance GainesAre You Ready To Introduce Your Kids To Technology?

Infographic: Teens Aren’t Safe On Facebook

I’ve got a ways to go before the “Tech Girls” start getting on social networks. But I know there are some people out there with “social” tweens and teens. There is no surprise that social sites like Facebook can be potentially dangerous if used without any sort of discretion, but I stumbled upon an infographic that actually puts numbers to the assumptions that parents and guardians of kids growing up in the digital age have.

facebook infographic

Let’s face it, kids today don’t know what it’s like without easy access to an internet-ready device. So they ARE going to be active on the ‘net. So as parents, it probably behooves you “be in the now” and understand the challenges and dangers that await our web-enabled kids.

How are your preparing and safe-guarding your kids when it comes to social networking sites?

Terrance GainesInfographic: Teens Aren’t Safe On Facebook

Advice Needed: Valentine’s Day With The Tech Girls

Ninja of Love
image courtesy of ckschleg on Flickr

I just had a revelation: I have to share Valentine’s Day with not one, but three ladies. Normally, I am “the man” when it comes to planning special events with/for Mrs. Tech, so I want to share experience with my little ladies as well – I just don’t think dinner at Chick-fil-A will cut it. Although, I’m sure they could care less, lol!

I’ll probably find a nice spot to take my little ones to on Thursday night (Mrs. Tech and I are doing some “grown” stuff later this weekend), and give them some candies and a card, but I wanted to do something cooler…

Dads (and ladies too, since I KNOW y’all can’t keep your opinions to yourselves): Any ideas of some cool V-Day places, things & gifts you would suggest a Daddy share with his girls?

Terrance GainesAdvice Needed: Valentine’s Day With The Tech Girls