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Summer Cool Down – Request an Ice Cream Truck via Uber

Just as it’s starting to get hot #JohnnyBlaze this summer, leave it to technology to cool folks down. The folks at Uber have decided to bring back its #UberIceCream initiative to select cities around the globe.

That’s right. Uber has partnering with Ice creams trucks in your neighborhood that can be summoned to cool your tongue between 11AM and 5PM on Friday, July 18th simply by downloading the Uber app for iPhone or Android, creating an account (new accounts also get $30 off your first ride via my link…you’re welcome) selecting your location, and selecting “Ice Cream” as method of delivery at the bottom of the app.

When the Truck shows up at your location (minimum of 5 people), you will be able to pick your goodies (including some Uber swag) and the cash will be deducted from your Uber account. Check out the Uber blog to find available cities and listen out for that recognizable ice cream truck song.

Terrance GainesSummer Cool Down – Request an Ice Cream Truck via Uber

Google Wallet Now Lets You Manage Gift Cards On Your Smartphone

Manage Gift Cards On Your Smartphone With Google Wallet via BrothaTechI want to leave my wallet at home and just carry my smartphone SO BAD. At the very least, I want to only carry my Driver’s License and let my smartphone do the heavy lifting of carrying my medical card, credit cards, and even loyalty/gift cards.

Looks like Google Wallet is making my wish [almost] a reality. The recently updated iOS and Android app (Sorry Windows Phone) now lets users add and redeem gift cards right from the app.

To add physical gift cards, you simply snap a picture of the gift card and manually enter the card information (number, ccv code, and expiration date). You can even add eGift cards received via email directly to Google Wallet (Participating merchants only).

To redeem, just show your virtual card to the cashier and they may just be able to scan the card from your phone. At the very least, they will have to manually enter the card information (poor cashiers that may have to do actual work).

As an added bonus, certain gift cards will let you check the remaining balance in real-time right from Google Wallet – No more calling the number on the back of card or squinting at a web site on your phone to check the gift card balance. Near a store? You can opt to get a little reminder that you have a gift card for the store on your phone, to give you that little nudge to go in and spend that free money (and probably spend a little more).

Skynet Google already has all of your information, why not let it consolidate it all conveniently on your smartphone? Personally, I’m waiting on the day when my smartphone becomes my everything, good or bad.

FYI, No I do NOT get tired of that same ‘ol SkyNet joke. [Soon…]

What say you – Would you prefer to have all your information including financial stuff (securely) on your smartphone, or would you prefer to keep it separate, so you can just lose your wallet/purse with all your information the old school way?

Loaded question, I know

Terrance GainesGoogle Wallet Now Lets You Manage Gift Cards On Your Smartphone

6 Free and Essential College Apps

6 Free and Essential College Apps via BrothaTech.comA Babble Joint

Six free and essential college apps to help make the transition less stressful and more enjoyable

My 5 year old (Lil’ Tech) is starting kindergarten this week. My 3-year old (Tech 2.0) is going to Pre-K, but we wanted to make her feel special as well, so Mrs. Tech and I printed up cute little back to school signs for both of them. Now my kids are right around the corner, so while this is a new experience for all of us, I can only imagine how it must feel for a parent to send their kid away to college, even if it is just across town.

These college kids nowadays are “plugged in” more than ever with their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. But since most “Back to School” blogs offer parents tips, tricks, and resources for K-12 students, I figured I would do a “List” post with some cool apps that college kids, whether they are freshmen, returning freshmen, or super seniors will find pretty useful.

Check out my Babble post for my 6 essential app picks for college students

What are some of your back to school apps for your college kid?

Terrance Gaines6 Free and Essential College Apps

Double B’s – BrothaTech and Babble

BrothaTech and Babble

Just wanted to drop a line to let you all know that I just signed on to be a Babble tech contributor. For those who don’t know, Babble is a Disney property (Yeah, Walt cuts a Brotha a check) and is a premier online destination for parents looking for all kinds of resources from lifestyle, parenting, love & relationships, entertainment…you get the idea.

Well, the site is looking to reinvigorate its tech section and has brought me on, along with several other tech-savvy bloggers, to add some geeky flavor to the mix. The Babble Tech Blog will focus on content you’re already used to seeing on my site – Tech news, tips & tricks, product reviews and other relevant information, but broken down so parents can digest.

I will posting over there several times a week, and it would be dope if I could get some eyeballs on my posts over at Babble. For my first post, I picked 5 apps to make your 4th of July celebration plans smoother.

Allrecepies | RedRover | PackingPro | Parkmobile | Ptch

Check it out to learn more how these apps will help you rock Independence Day…and to show me some love

4th of July Apps: Plan Ahead to Relax in Style

Terrance GainesDouble B’s – BrothaTech and Babble