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About Time An App Forced You To Shoot Videos in Landscape

About Time An App Forced You To Shoot Videos in Landscape via BrothaTechThe new Horizon app records iPhone videos in landscape mode no matter which way you hold your phone.

Those thick black bars on the sides of smartphone videos are one of my TOP pet peeves. That means if you have videos you’ve recorded on your smartphone with thick black bars I HATE YOU.

I hate, I repeat…HATE it so much that I did a video about it. I’m positive I’m not the only one either. The developers of the new iPhone app Horizon is the answer to all those people who don’t remember to flip their phone sideways when shooting videos.

Simply put, Horizon can record videos in landscape mode, which removes those black bars that make videos look good on just about EVERY FRIGGIN’ screen on earth nowadays, even if you forget to flip your phone horizontally.

Horizon, Horizontal…Get it?


If you’re one of the good ones who already shoots in landscape, Horizon records all of the content captured on screen like you were using the native camera app. If you use Horizon while shooting in portrait mode, the app will capture a smaller portion of the video, as indicated by the upper and lower sections of the video shaded or grayed out. Another negative is that you won’t get the full video resolution if you film in portrait mode with Horizon.

Do me a favor, don’t make me hate you and check out Horizon on sale for $0.99 on iTunes.

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Simple Data Backup Strategy for Families

Macbook connected to external hard drive via for data backup via

A Babble Joint

The process of devising a backup strategy can be more of a headache than actually backing up your devices, especially if your entire family has multiple devices. But that shouldn’t stop you from figuring out the best way to ensure you can retrieve your families’ data if any of your devices are lost, stolen, corrupted or damaged beyond repair.

While there may be more intricate and invovled ways to backup your data, you need to start somewhere. Here is my easy to remember and implement data backup strategy to make sure your families’ data is safe in the event of  device or data loss.

Smartphone/Tablet –> Computer –> External Hard Drive –> Cloud

Check out my post on Babble outling how and why I back up my devices using this method

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30-Day Windows Phone Challenge – Week 3

30 Day Windows Phone Challenge - Week 3 via

This week’s Windows Phone Challenge video was filmed spur of the moment on location, using the front camera on my Nokia Lumia 928. I could’ve waited until I got home (or found my glasses), but I wanted to put the phone to good use, and I wanted to the the ideas out of my head before I lost them.

This week there is bad news (Wearable Tech) and good news (Vine and Instagram)

Bad News
I’m a fan of wearable technology and have a couple of devices I own and wear on a daily basis. Right now, they are just jewerly.

Good News
Although not official, the Windows Phone developer community is coming through in the clutch and launching some pretty slick 3rd-Party apps for popular “top-tier” apps that Windows Phone users would otherwise miss out out.

Peep my latest 30-Day Windows Phone Challenge for details.


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30-Day Windows Phone Challenge – Week One

Week one of my 30-Day Windows Phone Challenge is over.  Here are some highlights:

- I already upgraded my phone
- “Metro” is still dope
- I’m not dying without apps (so far)

  • Essential apps I need
  • Missing apps that arent the end of the world (yet)
  • Mobile-friendly sites step up

I just wanted to get my thoughts down on video and go over some of my early impressions of using Windows Phone exclusively.

30- Day Windows Phone Challenge – Week One Impressions

Be sure to follow the hashtag #BrothaWinPhone for tidbits of my challenge. You can also hit me up on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ with any tips & tricks, or insight or information you think I should check out.

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Google Chromecast: A Few Notes

Google Chromecast: A few notes via

Yesterday, Google announced a new device called the Chromecast that lets users control and display content from their smartphones, tablets, and computers right on their TV. The Chromecast itself is a little HDMI dongle that’s slightly bigger than your average USB thumb drive, that plugs into your TV, connects to your home WiFi, and talks with your mobile devices…A clear answer to Apple TV with its AirPlay technology that lets iOS-only users stream content to a small set-top box connected to your TV.

Not only is Chromecast a viable option for Google/Android users, but it’s also cheap…really cheap…like, stupid cheap – Chromecast can be ordered on Google’s website for the “low-low-low-low-low-low-low” price of $35 bucks.

Check out video showing off the capabilities of Google Chromecase

Pretty dope right? Almost. There are a few things I feel that it’s my duty to point out before the phrase “Apple TV killer” starts getting thrown around.

Google Chromecast needs power

Duh, all devices need power, but during the Google announcement or in the above video, you don’t see the process of either plugging Chromecast into a available USB port on the back/side of a TV or a wall outlet using an adapter in the video. That could make the teeny, tiny Chromecast just a litte larger when you consider how to power it up in your own setup.

chromecast usb power

image credit: @CastIrony

Additionally, Chromecast can automatically switch intputs and control volume, essentially negating the need to reach for your TV remote to view content, something that I would LOVE. According the the “hands-on” reviews I’ve seen thus far, the volume feature works fine, but the input switching does not. You need to have an HDMI-CEC compatible TV in order to take full-advantage.

Google Chromecast streams internet-only content

It sucks that Apple TV only works with Apple devices, but Chromecast only works (for now) with web content (and Google stuff). In order to send content to Chromecast, you need to be using the Chrome browser for iOS, Android, and Mac or PC. You can also play content from the YouTube app and Google Play Store…and Netflix app for iOS and Android.
If you’re an iOS user, you will have to use an Android device or computer browser for initial setup.

With Apple TV, you do have a choice of streaming content located on your device, or from the web.

It’s early, and Google Chromecast is still in beta, so I will give it some slack, especially at that price point. When the dust settles, the ability to QUICKLY shoot content over to my TV, no matter what device i’m using is very attractive, once Google works out the kinks. That may just force it’s competitors (rhymes with Apple) to be a little more open, especially since Google is not being stingy with its SDK that lets developers potentially add all kinds of functionality into their own apps.

More importantly, the future is clear – Our mobile devices are evolving into our personal computing devices where they will be the center of our lives. They will simply connect to or dock with other devices (networks, cars, watches, computers, displays, appliances) to expand the power, functionality, and capabilities of a device that you can stick in your pocket.

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