Super-Slim Self-Healing Inner Exile Hydra iPhone 6 Case

Not only is the the Hydra iPhone 6 Case from Inner Exile a minimalist’s dream, it can also heal itself from minor scratches and scrapes. It’s so fly, that I put this iPhone 6 case in both my “Gotta Cop That” (My Wish List) and “The Hookup” (Deals) category.

3 Reasons To Use a VPN On Your Mobile Device

Keeping your data safe while your browse the web in public is as simple as using a virtual private network (VPN) before you start browsing. But you do need to know who else is after your browsing habits so you can be aware and prepared.

Gear Combo: Mobile Production Studio

Think you need thousand dollar equipment to capture the perfect moment? All you need are these iPhone accessories that can take your mobile production studio to the next level, sans the high price tag.

Not Using a VPN While Browsing the Web on Your Mobile Device? Think Again

If you’re not really feeling folks all up in your mobile data, deploying a VPN may just keep your data under lock and key.

#TechTip: How To Deal With Business Cards

Since I WILL be handed business cards, and feel lame for not reciprocating for the foreseeable future, here is how I deal with business cards the geek way.

New Apple iOS Blocks Concept – Best Of Three Worlds?

UX designer Jay Machalani has taken it upon himself to create an iOS Blocks concept that uses tricks from both Android widgets and Windows Phone Live Tiles. Does Apple have/need to take ques from Android and Windows Phone to stay on top? Or can they continue to iterate to provide the ideal mobile experience Apple users have grown accustomed to?

Mobile Tithes And Offerings?

Yesterday, the Tech Fam’ attended our church’s Easter Service, and for the first time I payed my tithes and offerings via the church’s mobile app. I wonder how others feel about skipping the traditional “cash or check in the envelope” and opting for punching in your church giving via mobile phone?

Ditch Your Long and Tangled iOS Cord with Lightlinez XS Perfect Length Lightning Cable

One of my favorite places to shop for mobile device accessories is – They always carry the right cord for the right job. When I stumbled upon the brand-spankin’ new Lightlinez XS short-length Lighting cable, I had to check it out. So the nice folks at Kenburg Technology sent me one to check out. […]

New Square Business Profile Page Options Lets You Market To More Square Users Beautifully

Square mobile credit card account holders (whether they know it or now) have a business directory where customers can find your “mobile-friendly” business. Before, all you could do is list a basic description about your business, what you sell, and how to contact you. Square has announced new options that let you jazz up your […]

[Infographic] Why Does My Mobile Device Battery Suck?

The folks at Samsung Semiconductor have published an infographic that highlights its plan to increase battery life with LPDRAM – a mobile memory solution that can lower operating power consumption by 33% and standby power consumption by nearly 90%.