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3 Reasons To Use a VPN On Your Mobile Device

Be careful, entrepreneurs, small businesses owners, frequent travelers, and coffee shop snobs regulars aren’t the only ones taking advantage of free public Wi-Fi. Other “users” are dying to get a hold of your public browsing data that you’re potentially serving up to them on a silver platter every time you log on to public Wi-Fi via your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. 

Terrance Gaines3 Reasons To Use a VPN On Your Mobile Device

Gear Combo: Mobile Production Studio

You do realize that you carry around a production studio in your pocket right? with native apps like iMovie and GarageBand, you can put together a fly photo shoot, movie, interview, or podcast from your iPhone that looks and sounds like you have a million-dollar production studio in your basement.

Think you need thousand dollar equipment to capture the perfect moment? All you need are these iPhone accessories that can take your mobile production studio to the next level, sans the high price tag.

Terrance GainesGear Combo: Mobile Production Studio

Not Using a VPN While Browsing the Web on Your Mobile Device? Think Again

It’s all about the data…and everyone (and I mean everyone) wants to know what you’re doing, where you’re going, what you’re reading, and what you spend you money on when you browse the innanets on your smartphone or tablet.

Let them tell it, they use this information “to provide you with a better experience”. C’mon, Son. We know why they want the data – To either figure out how to sell you more stuff, or to sell your data to make more money while the buyer of your data figures out how to sell you more stuff.

If you’re not really feeling folks all up in your mobile data, deploying a VPN may just keep your data under lock and key.

Terrance GainesNot Using a VPN While Browsing the Web on Your Mobile Device? Think Again

#TechTip: How To Deal With Business Cards

I’m headed off to a networking event, and the business cards will be flowin’. Even though I’m not a fan and have tried, and tried…and tried to get rid of using business cards, but…

Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in -

Since I WILL be handed business cards, and feel lame for not reciprocating for the foreseeable future, here is how I deal with business cards the geek way.

Terrance Gaines#TechTip: How To Deal With Business Cards