[Video] Cash by Square App – Easiest Way to Send Money?

I don’t carry cash. Normally I don’t run into trouble without cash with the only exception being when I go out to eat with others. It seems as if I’m the odd man out because everybody else has cash. In those situations, I usually either take all the cash from my friends and put the […]

Spending Quality Family Time – Tech Swear Jar

As a family in this day and age, it’s safe to say we integrate technology into our daily lives quite easily. Even though our gadgets stay within arms reach at all times, we still try to spend quality time with each other – No tech allowed. We attempt to implement this family rule everyday during dinner time. Every once in a while, we all lapse and take a peek at an incoming text or email. Our kids are only four and two years old, but they want to invite some talking doll or gadget with a bunch of lights and noises to the dinner table. So we have implemented a trick as a reminder of our dinner table rule.

Back at Home with Outright Online Financial Software and iPhone App

After a little hiatus, I’m back on the reservation as an Outright accounting user. I just learned that Outright updated its iPhone app with the ability add/edit transactions, and I just felt the needed to share…