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Eero Home Wi-Fi System Covers Network Dead Zones

Nowadays, it’s pretty simple to plug a Wi-Fi router into your modem for instant network connectivity…Just make sure you change the default SSID name and password for maximum security. That one router can provide connectivity for most of your home. For those hard to reach network dead zones, there’s a new Wi-Fi system that can go where normal wireless routers can’t.

Terrance GainesEero Home Wi-Fi System Covers Network Dead Zones

Evernote Hello Update – New Design, Business Card Scanner

Evernote Hello contact OptionsIf you don’t know by now, I’m a self-proclaimed Evernote Evangelist *Crosses his fingers on his recent Evernote Ambassador application*. One of my favorite Evernote apps is Hello that lets you save contact information with context. In other words, instead of just capturing basic contact information, Hello can also capture what they look like, when you met them, where you met them, and how many times you’ve met them.

The one thing Hello was missing was the ability to scan and digitize business cards. I’m happy to say Evernote has plugged that hole and can now capture business card information making it even easier to throw away biz cards remember everything…about the people you meet.

Before I get to the juicy part, Hello has been redesigned to make it even easier to save contacts. In addition to adding contacts manually, or from your calendar events, users can now connect to Facebook and LinkedIn so it can build an even thicker digital Rolodex with images, social media profiles and other relevant information.

Users can also choose to use the new Hello Connect feature that “scans the room” for other Hello users at an event, meeting, or meetup and can automatically exchange contact information. Think of it as networking sonar. Of course, all of this information can by synced with your current Evernote account so you have instant access to your contacts anywhere you have access your account. Or, you can save Hello contacts to your phone’s address book…You know, for the people you REALLY know.

The highlight of this update for me is the business card scanning feature. Available to everyone for the next couple of months, but eventually for Premium Evernote users only (like me), users can add a contact to Hello by snapping a picture of a business card. Hello captures, organizes and digitizes all the information on the card and creates a profile. If an email on a card matches an email found publicly from Facebook or LinkedIn, Hello will “connect the dots” and add even more information for a more complete contact entry.

All this in addition to storing location and date information when you add or reconnect with a Hello contact. I’ve been jumping around and using multiple apps to manage contacts. It’s pretty safe to say that I can ditch the other crap consolidate and just use Evernote Hello.

Check out the hot new Hello features for iPhone and a less feature-rich version on Android (hopefully the new features will cross over) and let me know what you think.

Terrance GainesEvernote Hello Update – New Design, Business Card Scanner