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The Weekly Electronics Report Keynote – February 7th 2014

The Weekly Electronics Report Keynote - February 7th 2014 via

The Weekly Electronics Report Keynote is back with another episode. On this week’s episode

Galaxy S5 gets leaked

  • Announcement date later this month
  • Possible larger fingerprint scanning screen & no hardware buttons

Microsoft gets a new boss

  • Satya Nadella in as H.G.I.C. (Head Geek In Charge)
  • John Thompson replaces Bill Gates as Board Chairman

Foursquare gets a new sugar daddy

  • Foursquare still ironing out revenue model>
  • Microsoft could use Foursquare to improve Bing location information

President Obama commits THE tech sin

  • iPad + video recording = #NoBueno
  • 2 cool points deducted

Be sure to hit me up on social media using the hashtag #TWERKFridays to let me know what tech topics you want me touch on during next week’s episode…I’ll be sure to shout you out on the show.

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[Video] The Tech Guru of Tallahassee?

Ya boy has been doing some virtual jet-setting and lending my “jack of tech” knowledge to the BounceTV viewers down in Tallahassee, Fl. I’ve been the tech guru that the WTXL ABC 27 affiliate has called on to dish the tech dirt over the past month or so. I just thought I would share the live Skype spots I’ve done so far.

In the spots, which are live on the 7 o’clock news down in FLA, we talk about President Obama possibly trading his BlackBerry in for a smartphone, how the new iOS 7 may be biting the Windows Phone 8 steeze, and how Samsung Android is knocking on Apple’s door.

Hopefull, the folks at BounceTV Tally will continue to bring me back to dish the tech dirt.


well…not really

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Upcoming Jay-Z Album Free for Samsung Galaxy Owners

That rumored deal between Jay-Z and Samsung has come to fruition as Galaxy device owners will get Jay-Z’s latest studio album as a free download.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy SIII, S4, or Galaxy Note 2 you will have a chance to get Jigga’s lastest studio album entitled “Magna Carta Holy Grail” free before anyone else. The announcement was made via a 3-minute commercial spot during the NBA Finals game on June 16th.

Magna Carta will be released via a customized app. The app itself will be available on June 24th in Google Play and will offer a deeper look into the making of the album, and additional features that won’t be available to the general public. The album will be unlocked midnight, July 4th, a full 72-hours before it’s available to the public, to only the first million people who downloaded the app.

There are a ton of Galaxy device owners (the S4 has already sold 10 million units alone), so you will have to watch the clock on July 4th to make sure you’re one of the 1st million.

To my knowledge, this is a first where a major artist like Jay-Z has partnered with a major tech company like Samsung to launch a campaign like this. Time will tell if it’s successful, but one thing is for sure, this will indeed open up the door for more entertainers looking to expand their brand via technology.

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The Weekly Electronics Report…Keynote: Friday, May 3rd

This week I talk about Google Glass and my new nickname for Google Glass, AT&T hookup on a new smartphone, the latest app I think you should be using, and why I’m mad at mobile app developers.

Links and notes:

Google Glass releases tutorial YouTube video for developers and early adopters

- Video shows touch functionality and main navigation

Glass app lets users snap photos by winking?

- Developers are already whipping up innovative (and silly-looking) uses for Glass

Side Note: I’m going to start calling Google Glass “Saiyan Scouters”

AT&T is offering $100 trade-in credit for your old smartphone

- Phone must be less than 3 years old & functioning properly

- Goes toward the purchase of a new smarthone (and new 2-year contract)

App Roundup: Last Pass Password Manager

- One password for quick access to all your websites/services

- Password Generator & password integrity challenge

- Free for web & browser plugins, $12/year for mobile access (unlimited devices)

Why I’m Mad: Single-platform mobile app developers

- Small, lean one-man devs get a pass (for now)

- Twitter apps (Music & Vine) shoule be on all platforms at launch

What did I miss? If you have a story you think I should talk about, hit me on Twitter using the hashtag #TWERKFriday or drop me a message on my contact page.

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The Weekly Electronics Report…Keynote April 27th 2013

A Day late but never a dollar short. Here’s what went down in the technology world the week ending Saturday, April 27th, 2013

Twitter implements two-factor authentication

No more celebrities saying dumb things on Twitter getting their accounts hacked

Samsung Galaxy S4 availibility

- Preorder from VZW, Sprint & T-Mobile
- Pick up one from AT&T stores today

All Carriers to have the BlackBerry Q10 by end of May

TRUE BlackBerry fans rejoice?

Amazon Prepping a Set-top Streaming Device for the Fall?

Cutting The Cord is not just a “thing” anymore

Microsoft Announces an Xbox Announcement

The lowdown on the lowdown

Science Confirms Stubble is Sexy

I’m personally bringing sexy stubble back?

Did I miss anything? Be sure to tip me by using the hashtag #TWERKFriday on Twitter or dropping me a line via my contact page

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The Weekly Electronics Report…Keynote – Friday April 19th, 2013

There was a ton happening in tech this week. I’ll be honest “Ain’t nobody got time for that”
So I just decided to hit you with the stuff I think you should know about…That’s pretty much how I roll on #TWERKFridays

Check out the video and click the links to read up on what went down.

Microsoft smart watch rumor
Microsoft will not be left behind in the wearable tech category

Dish makes offer to buy Sprint for $25.5 billion
Can two B-List tech companies merge together to become one A-List contender?

Google releases Glass specs
Now you can actually “see” (get it?) what Google Glass is all about

Twitter Launches Music App
Yet another Twitter made (iPhone-only) app

HTC One Now on Sale in the U.S.
Can HTC compete with Samsung?

Preorder the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4, Shipping April 30th
The next, next…next? big thing

Durex Fundawear Experiment
Smartphone-controlled drawers?

What did I miss? Be sure to hit me up on Twitter using the Hashtag #TWERKFridays or tip me via my Contact Page.

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