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New Hotness Phase 1 – The Blog

“Big thangs Poppin…”

My brand has been growing over the past year or so. What started as a blog back in 2009 has grown into something more. I’ve tried hard to expand, but within the boundaries of my brand identity…I didn’t want give the impression that I’m all over the place.

…And I don’t like trying to manage multiple businesses, sites, or personas, so I decided earlier this year that my digital brand needed an overhaul. Something that integrated all the new opportunities I’m perusing, without alienating all the stuff that got me to where I am now.

Since I started out as a tech blogger, I decided to tackle that avenue first. Soooo…welcome to the new blog! With the help of my web designer, I wanted to create something more uniform, symmetric, and structured, but still keeping the personal touch intact.

I will still be giving you technology news, gadget reviews, and digital lifestyle tips and tricks, but the content will be more purposeful for my readers (all two of you) and closely aligned with my brand and the newer factions of my brand.

The Blog refresh is just phase 1 of the complete brand renew. I’ll be sure to keep you posted when the next phases are locked and loaded.

Until then, take a look around and let me know what you think

Terrance GainesNew Hotness Phase 1 – The Blog

The Weekly Electronics Report Keynote – February 7th 2014

The Weekly Electronics Report Keynote - February 7th 2014 via

The Weekly Electronics Report Keynote is back with another episode. On this week’s episode

Galaxy S5 gets leaked

  • Announcement date later this month
  • Possible larger fingerprint scanning screen & no hardware buttons

Microsoft gets a new boss

  • Satya Nadella in as H.G.I.C. (Head Geek In Charge)
  • John Thompson replaces Bill Gates as Board Chairman

Foursquare gets a new sugar daddy

  • Foursquare still ironing out revenue model>
  • Microsoft could use Foursquare to improve Bing location information

President Obama commits THE tech sin

  • iPad + video recording = #NoBueno
  • 2 cool points deducted

Be sure to hit me up on social media using the hashtag #TWERKFridays to let me know what tech topics you want me touch on during next week’s episode…I’ll be sure to shout you out on the show.

Terrance GainesThe Weekly Electronics Report Keynote – February 7th 2014

[Video] The Tech Guru of Tallahassee?

Ya boy has been doing some virtual jet-setting and lending my “jack of tech” knowledge to the BounceTV viewers down in Tallahassee, Fl. I’ve been the tech guru that the WTXL ABC 27 affiliate has called on to dish the tech dirt over the past month or so. I just thought I would share the live Skype spots I’ve done so far.

In the spots, which are live on the 7 o’clock news down in FLA, we talk about President Obama possibly trading his BlackBerry in for a smartphone, how the new iOS 7 may be biting the Windows Phone 8 steeze, and how Samsung Android is knocking on Apple’s door.

Hopefull, the folks at BounceTV Tally will continue to bring me back to dish the tech dirt.


well…not really

Terrance Gaines[Video] The Tech Guru of Tallahassee?