[Review] MOTA Credit Card Power Bank – Pocket-Sized Power

Intro How frustrating is it when you have about 1% of smartphone power left, but in the process of uploading pics to your favorite social network? For this, and many other reasons I’m an advocate for carrying an extended battery pack at all times. Now I don’t like to use those case/battery packs because they […]

Gadget Alert: PlugBug 10W USB Charger for Apple MagSafe Power Adapter

My MacBook Pro power adapter was on it’s LAST leg, so I bought a shiny new one. I also sprang for a PlugBug 10W USB Charger as well.

myCharge Peak 6000 – All The Power Your Mobile Devices Need

The folks behind the Powerbag that keeps your mobile devices charged while they sit snug in the custom bag, has a line extended batteries to keep your mobile devices charged while they sit in your pocket or on your desk. The myCharge Peak 6000 extended battery is on the beefier side of extended batteries as far as size, but you’re guaranteed to get more than enough power, plus a little audible surprise…

Power2u USB Wall Outlet – The Gadget Charging Struggle Is No More

Give your wall outlets some room to breathe with the Power2u USB wall outlet

[Giveaway] Duracell Powermat 24-Hour Power System

I’m an advocate of having portable power on deck for your smartphone. So check out my review of the Duracell Powermat 24-hour Power System that keeps your smartphone or MP3 player’s battery at 100% no matter where you are.