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My Consumer Report Visit – No Free Rides

The folks as Consumer Reports know they have to keep up with the times, all while still remaining a purposeful and optimistic organization focused on improving lives. So they invited a group of influential individuals to the headquarters in New York for an inside look at the non-profit, non-partisan organization independent of corporate and advertising. ...

Dekke Slope Tablet Stand – SECURE Gadget Elegance

Most of the tablet stands I’ve used have done a good job of making sure my iPad stays put when in use. The problem is, they are not as sexy as my iPad is, so the experience…Just gets the job done.

When the folks at Dekke asked me to try out the sleek Slope tablet stand with an unconventional way to hold my iPad, I had to test it out to see how good the stand looks, and how good it holds.

First Week With My iPhone 6

It was a week ago today when I finally got my hands on the iPhone 6. I’ll be honest, I’ve been waiting on this phone for a long time. I thought the iPhone 5 was too small, but I got it anyway. I thought the iPhone 5S/5C was still too small, so I started using larger Androids and Windows Phone devices skipped buying either and crossed my fingers hoping the iPhone 6 was finally going to give Apple fans like me a larger design.

When the larger iPhone 6 and even larger iPhone 6 Plus was announced earlier this month, my eyes were on the smaller iPhone 6…I still wanted a front pants pocket-able phone even with a case on. So I got lucky during the preorders and my iPhone 6 was delivered early in the afternoon last Friday September 19th.

Now that I’ve had a week to play around with the smartphone, I think I’m ready to offer initial opinions of the iPhone 6.

CableJive dockStubz Pass Through Lightning Port Extender

We own a "right before Bluetooth in the car was normal" ride that I paid to install a 30-pin iPhone/iPod/iPad cable so we can listen to music from our iDevices. Since then, we have upgraded to Devices that use the 8-pin lightning port. Not a problem — I just purchased several 30-pin to Lightning port adapters and keep one in the car. Just recently, I decided to use a case with my iPhone 5 that subsequently made connecting my phone to the Lightning port adapter impossible unless I removed my phone...

Trident Case Review – Sturdy And Slim Wins Me Over

Personally (and professionally) I hate phone cases. Especially the "tough" or "rugged" cases that are supposed to protect your phone from drops, cracks, and other mishaps that I otherwise always end up fixing for my customers as a part of my Mac repair business. Probably not the best way to start a case review post I suppose. Which is why I was surprised at myself for agreeing to review the Cyclops iPhone 5S case and the Kraken A.M.S. iPad 2/3/4th generation case from Trident Case....

Nokia Lumia Icon Impressions

I was presented with my very own Nokia Lumia Icon, not as a review unit, and not from any other carrier where I couldn't pop in my SIM card and use it as a 'daily driver'. Has Windows Phone progressed enough for it to fit into my rotation of regularly used mobile devices?...

UE BOOM Bluetooth Speaker – Best One Yet?

Bluetooth speakers that wirelessly pump music from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop have become all the range. They have essentially replaced the 80's BoomBox, sans the 100 D batteries. I must say that after checking out the Ultimate Ears UE BOOM Bluetooth speaker, my search for the best portable wireless speaker may just be over....

Mio Lifesaver II Review

Disclaimer: I was given a Lifesaver II for review. All opinions are my own. Don't get caught sleeping in these streets without power for your gadgets. There are a ton of those emergency/extended batteries for your mobile electronics. Reason being is because we wouldn't be caught dead without a smartphone or tablet. So it's not a question of do you need one (because you do), it's a question of what kind you need. Do you just need an emergency charger to get you out of a jam, or do you need a...