Your IPhone Data Is Safe With Apple…For Now via BrothaTech

Your iPhone Data Is Safe With Apple…For Now

"We couldn't do it even it we tried, and if we could, we wouldn't even try" is how Apple's official response to the FBI requesting that it build a 'back door' so the government can access and retrieve iPhone data sounded in my head. Privacy vs. Safety - Which side are you on?...

Canary Home Security System Quick Look

I needed an alarm for our small home where I didn't have to mess with a complicated installation or a multi-year monitoring contract. So when I found the Canary home security system includes a video camera, air monitor, alarm siren, motion detector, and mobile monitoring & alerts all controlled via my smartphone, I quickly scooped it up. ...

3 Reasons To Use a VPN On Your Mobile Device

Be careful, entrepreneurs, small businesses owners, frequent travelers, and coffee shop snobs regulars aren’t the only ones taking advantage of free public Wi-Fi. Other “users” are dying to get a hold of your public browsing data that you’re potentially serving up to them on a silver platter every time you log on to public Wi-Fi via your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.