My 2015 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit Highlights

This was my first year attending and I must say the networking with colleagues, peers, entrepreneurs and small business owners was worth the trip alone. Additionally, I learned a few takeaways that I will most certainly use in my current and future business ventures.

Four Tips for the Perfect Elevator Pitch

Based on my own experiences, and the tips given out during the Black Enterprise Pitch Contest, I came with some tips for how small business owners can perfect their pitch.

Practical Ways To Develop A Better Small Business Security Strategy for 2015

If anything, the recent Sony Pictures hack should teach all of us that a fake movie put together by college-humor kings could piss off an entire country of folks who don’t take to kindly of painting their leader in a bad light enough to hack into Sony of all places, they can crack your little “middle name spelled backwards” passwords. So you probably need to take your personal small business security a little more seriously in the ‘015

How Do You Manage Your Business Expenses BrothaTech?

I figured I would answer my latest #AskBrothaTech question publicly since there may be other personal or professional folk looking to manage their business expenses just a little better.