Phonetic Eyewear – Give Your Eyes A Break

If your eyes are focused on a computer screen, smartphone, tablet, or TV watching movies or gaming for prolonged periods of time, there are things you can do to reduce Digital Eye Strain like look away every so often to give your eyes some periodic rest. You can also look into special “computer glasses” from Phonetic Eyewear that uses technology to combat Digital Eye Strain.

Unlocking Your Phone Is Easier – Now What?

The ‘gubment’ has finally dropped the hammer and outlined unlocking standards that U.S. carriers must be in compliance with. Nice, but what does that really mean for you and your phone? Here are the benefits to phone unlocking and what you can (or can’t) do right now?

iLoveHandles Trunk Smartphone Charging Cable and Stand

iLoveHandles Trunk is a cable doubles as a stand and keeps your smartphone erect while charging.

Video: How To Lock Smartphone Photo And Video Focus

By simply tapping and holding your smartphone screen on the image you want to remain in focus, you actually can lock-in the focus when you take pics or shoot video from your smartphone. Check out my video within a video on how to get this done.

Mio Lifesaver II Review

Disclaimer: I was given a Lifesaver II for review. All opinions are my own. Don’t get caught sleeping in these streets without power for your gadgets. There are a ton of those emergency/extended batteries for your mobile electronics. Reason being is because we wouldn’t be caught dead without a smartphone or tablet. So it’s not […]

[Review] MOTA Credit Card Power Bank – Pocket-Sized Power

Intro How frustrating is it when you have about 1% of smartphone power left, but in the process of uploading pics to your favorite social network? For this, and many other reasons I’m an advocate for carrying an extended battery pack at all times. Now I don’t like to use those case/battery packs because they […]

[Infographic] Why Does My Mobile Device Battery Suck?

The folks at Samsung Semiconductor have published an infographic that highlights its plan to increase battery life with LPDRAM – a mobile memory solution that can lower operating power consumption by 33% and standby power consumption by nearly 90%.

BrothaTech’s Smartphone Customization, Courtesy of ZAGGskins

First and foremost, let me tell you that I absolutely hate smartphone cases. I like to keep my phones sleek, sexy and naked. But I do recognize that I need some sort of protection for my iPhone 4S. Folks have been diggin’ my latest customized iPhone skin. So I might as well dish the dirt on how I created my own Skin with the help of a dope artist/designer (optional) and the ZAGG personalized gadget skins…