Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover Review

Recently, I've been leaving my MacBook at home in favor or carrying around my iPad more. So I've tried, used, and dismissed my fair share of Bluetooth keyboards. The latest Keyboard I've been using is the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover that I must say does a good job at protecting my iPad, while keeping my productivity up when typing...

Keep It Short – Mobile Blogging Tips & Tricks

Probably the number one reason why I don't blog more than I already do is that I'm lazy long-winded - I feel the need to tell you everything you need to know instead of presenting the basics to get you started. One of the ways I plan to combat that is by using other blog formats and blogging more from a tablet and smartphone. In order to do that, there have to be some changes in my thought process and methodology, as well as adding gadgets, and apps/services into the...

myCharge Peak 6000 – All The Power Your Mobile Devices Need

The folks behind the Powerbag that keeps your mobile devices charged while they sit snug in the custom bag, has a line extended batteries to keep your mobile devices charged while they sit in your pocket or on your desk. The myCharge Peak 6000 extended battery is on the beefier side of extended batteries as far as size, but you're guaranteed to get more than enough power, plus a little audible surprise...

Microsoft Windows RT vs. Windows 8: What’s The Difference?

Since I'm almost certain some people are standing in line at a Microsoft Pop-up Store in their local mall to buy a Windows RT tablet (thinking it has the real Windows 8) as I type this, I attempt to break down the difference between a RT tablet with its "tablet OS" and a Pro tablet that runs full-blown Windows 8 to help you avoid buyer’s remorse....

Tablet Productivity – Kensington Expert Multi-Angle Folio and Keyboard Feedback

Kensington KeyFolio Multi Angle Keyboard for iPad

Multiple Angles for all you bed-time grinders

During the Blogging While Brown 2012 Conference, I tried to spread the tech love by handing out some productivity gear to attendees that I thought could step their tech game up a bit.

One of those attendees was Terri Davis-Merchant, creator of Try Anything Once, who I must admit, was doing a good job of typing notes on her iPad via the virtual keyboard. I thought I would just how faster she could be with an actual Keyboard, so I gave her the Kensington Expert Multi Angle Folio and Keyboard that triples as a case, stand, and bluetooth keyboard.

[Review] Kensington KeyFolio Expert Multi Angle Folio & Keyboard

Kensington KeyFolio Multi Angle Keyboard for iPad

Multiple angles for all you bed-time grinders

I’m really starting to get into the whole bluetooth keyboard thing for my iPad because i’ve discovered you can actually get some serious work done in addition to being awesome for when I attend conferences and don’t want to carry around my MacBook all day.

So the folks at Kensington sent me their new Multi Angle Folio & Keyboard that’s compatible for my New iPad, as well as backwards compatible for iPad 2 and original iPad.

Check out my feature breakdown and video review.