Phonetic Eyewear – Give Your Eyes A Break

If your eyes are focused on a computer screen, smartphone, tablet, or TV watching movies or gaming for prolonged periods of time, there are things you can do to reduce Digital Eye Strain like look away every so often to give your eyes some periodic rest. You can also look into special “computer glasses” from Phonetic Eyewear that uses technology to combat Digital Eye Strain.

Samsung Smart TV Kids App – Kids Learn While Parents Control

Even at 4 and 2 years old, my kids are pretty interactive. They can navigate our smartphones like champs. With Kids App on our Samsung Smart TV ES8000, parents can let their kids watch Video On Demand, and play educational games from a kid-friendly content, while parents can actively monitor their children’s development.

Samsung Smart TV – Fun With Fitness

I could gain to lose a few pounds. So instead of picking up the phone to order (in 3 easy payments) the latest fitness craze, all I have to do is fire up the Fitness app on my Samsung Smart TVES 8000 and get started on the path to getting slim and trim…

Learning Something New – Parkour In 3D

Even though 3D content has been out for a couple of years, a majority of people who own 3D televisions don’t own the 3D content to take advantage of the technology. The Samsung Series 8000 3D Smart TV comes packed everything you need to get started in 3D, including a short documentary that taught me a thing or two about Parkour.

An Active Family Outing – Family Block Party

The Tech Fam’ took some time out this weekend to visit the Family Block Party hosted by The Atlanta Parent Magazine. We thought we were going to just let the kids play in some bouncy houses, get their faces painted, and go home. We realized shortly after we entered the event that we were about to get into more than just a lazy outing.

Samsung Smart TV Motion Controls: Look Ma, No Hands, Wait…

The motion control was one of the first things I tried out after I powered on the Samsung Smart TV ES8000, and honestly, it’s so simple, our kids (ages 4 and 2) can use motion controls to complete simple tasks like turn the volume up or down, and connect to Skype to answer a phone call, on up to more fun things like Play Angry Birds.

Spending Family Quality Time – #AngryBirdSaturdays Style

Since we are a tech family, we also incorporate technology into our family fun time. So when I fired up our Samsung Smart TV, one of the first things our my kids fell in love with is Angry Birds app that came pre-installed with the TV and uses “Motion Control” via the built-in camera to let our kids interact with the game…