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Cracked Smartphone Screen? You Gets No Love On Valentine’s Day

Doesn’t matter if you have a sweetie you plan to be hugged up on, or you’ve married yourself decided to go on the hunt Valentine’s Day weekend, just be careful with your smartphone. According to this infographic, your chances at love are slim if you have a cracked smartphone screen.

Terrance GainesCracked Smartphone Screen? You Gets No Love On Valentine’s Day

5 Geeky Valentines Day Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year when love is in the air – Men trip over themselves to find last-minute flowers that are super expensive…’cause they’re last-minute. Women…What do women do on Valentine’s Day? (I’m asking for a friend). It’s also the time when people (mostly single) add their .02 cents on social media about how Valentine’s Day should be everyday and not just one day a year…BYE

If you have a geek for a Valentine, or looking to give a different gift this year, look no further than ya boy to give you some geeky gift ideas this Valentine’s Day.

Mix Tape Memory Stick

Geeky Valentines Gift Ideas - USB Mixtape via
I’m sure I’m not the only one who remembers cassette tapes. I’m also sure that I’m not the only one who made a love mixtape to get into their pants show that special someone you care through song. Well it’s 2014 and cassette tapes are a thing of the past, but you can still drag and drop your favorite lovey-dovey .MP3’s onto this 1GB USB Memory Stick with an old-school cassette tape touch.

Casetagram Smartphone Case

Geeky Valentines Gift Ideas - Custom Smartphone Case via
If your Valentine is a selfie-aficionado who loves their smartphone…oh, and you too, then they are sure to appreciate the time you put into creating a special smartphone case filled with their favorite images of you two from your Facebook and Instagram images. Simply visit the Castagram site, choose the phone and photos for a customized case so they can see your love for them every time the love themselves during a selfie shot.

Tech Love Circuit Board Jewelry

Geeky Valentines Gift Ideas - Circuit Board Jewelry via
Fellas, you don’t have to break the bank for Valentine’s Day. Your Valentine will (or at least should) appreciate the little things. If she is a member of the Digerati, you may just put a nice little smile on her face if you present her with a set of heart-shaped circuit board jewelry so she can show off her feminine and techie side…”At the same damn time”

Urbanears Headphones

Geeky Valentines Gift Ideas - Red Headphones via
For your audiophile Valentine, Urbanears is known for its eye-catching, yet quality headphones. So it makes sense that it has a line of DJ over-the-ear and in-ear headphones that come in a vibrant “Tomato” color that would be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift your love can nod their heads with.

Heart-shaped earbuds

Geeky Valentines Gift Ideas - Heart-shaped earphones via
If the bold red color of the headphones is not enough to show your love to the audiophile in your life, then maybe a pair of heart-shaped earbuds from AudioCubes will give your Valentine that extra little “tingle” every time they listen to their music. The Xperia Ear Drops Tiara Earphones come in several colors (if the ladies want to get a pair for their man) and come with several ear piece choices for a perfect fit.

Terrance Gaines5 Geeky Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Kahnoodle App Gamify’s Spicing Up Couples Love Life Beyond Valentine’s Day

{A PCMag Joint}

It’s that time of year again where couples go out of their way to show their love and affection for each other only to go back to the way things were after the Valentine’s Day or weekend love fest (Don’t front). The Kahnoodle app for iPhone looks to keep couples’ love life more active on a regular basis by giving them points for all the “love tasks” and other lovey-dovey activities they complete.

According to Black Enterprise, creator Zuhairah Scott Washington was inspired to create the app after reading “The 5 Love Languages,” a book that describes the different ways in which people want to give and receive love.

To get started, you have to rank your “love style” by arranging several categories (Affectionate Touch, Quality Time, Gift, Thoughtful Acts, Verbal Praise, Spontaneity, Sexual Intimacy) in the order that’s most important to you. Then you have to guess the number one priority for your mate and how often you’re willing to do this for them.

Next up is inviting your partner so you can see their rankings (and they can see yours) to compare. From there, you’re presented with several different sections where you and your mate can keep the relationship juices flowing (Ewww).

Too bad Mrs. Tech has defected from Apple…Hopefully and Android version will be released soon.

Read more about how Kahnoodle works on PCMag’s AppScout blog

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Terrance GainesKahnoodle App Gamify’s Spicing Up Couples Love Life Beyond Valentine’s Day