Is The iPhone vs Android Beef Worth Getting Stabbed Over?

Sometimes I try to distance myself from being called a geek or a nerd after I hear about some fanboys and the lengths they will go to defend their mobile platform of choice.

Why Im Mad: Y U No Record in Landscape Mode?

Do the millions of us with widescreens TV’s, Laptops, and mobile devices a favor and turn your smartphone sideways or “Landscape Mode” when shooting videos.

Turn Off Your Keyboard Volume

I did NOT know folks still set their smartphone keyboard on #TurnUp. Obviously they still do, and I was played the victim this past week as a young lady I was sitting next to on the train was bangin’ out 60 LOUD words/min on her iPhone.

[Video] Sh!t Apple Fanatics Say

Personally, I can’t read any tech-blog’s comments nowadays because they are so rife with flame wars. People really show their arse about companies they don’t even work for. But I must admit, I chuckled when I saw this video and had to share.

OutBurst: Tablets Replacing PCs…Nope!

Don’t get too excited over the recent hoopla over tablets. You still need a computer…

“Relax, It’s Not That Deep” Apple Isn’t Going Anywhere

Take a step back, relax, and trust that the same Apple we have come to love (or vehemently loathe) will be the same Apple for YEARS to come sans Steve Jobs…