Tech Deal: Backup Your Data In The Cloud For $25 with Backblaze

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PLEASE tell me you’re backing up your phone/tablet/computer and not on some “it won’t happen to me” mess when it comes to data loss? It’s not a matter if you will lose data, it’s a matter of when.

Ask anybody who has lost precious data and they will tell you that it’s an expensive, nerve-wracking hassle trying to get it back, especially if a drive has been corrupted, or just plain dies.

Don’t front either – I know most of you “digital entrepreneurs” out there have ENTIRE BUSINESSES on an super old computer that you haven’t even thought about backing up.

Don’t take your data for granted, you need to back it up, like, now. Here is my backup strategy for the Tech Fam and all our devices:

  • Mobile devices get backed up to my laptop/desktop
  • Laptop/desktop gets backed up to my external hard drive
  • External hard drive gets backed up to the cloud

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That’s right. You can’t stop at having everything backed up on an external hard drive…They can fail too. So I would suggest if you use the cloud for anything, it would be to back up all of your physical drives virtually.

Pick your poison, Mozy, Crashplan, Bitcasa, etc…They all have plans that can help you add an extra layer to your backup strategy. Most of the plans average about $60-100/year. If you don’t want to invest that much money from the jump, the cloud storage service Backblaze has a deal for a year of unlimited cloud storage for $25 for the first year that’s going on until Tomorrow, January 28th.

Just use the offer code “cheapskate” during checkout to get the deal.

What’s cool about Backblaze is after the first year, the price is still competitive at around $50-60 per year (even cheaper when you buy multiple years at a time).

Like I said earlier, if you only need a virtual place to stash your data in case of emergency, Backblaze is similar to some of the other players in the backup category. You can back up individual computers or entire external hard drives. Backblaze also uses incremental backups that only backs up changes made and not an entire backup every time. It also won’t backup duplicate files.

In addition to cloud backup, users can access their data at any time via the iOS app (Sorry Android and WindowsPhone…and BlackBerry?).

Don’t get got by the data gangsters (drive fail, computer virus, or plain ‘ol user error), be sure to use some kind of data back up plan. Thank me later.

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  • Christine St.Vil

    I’m so mad I mixed up my days and thought I had until today. Boo! Please keep me posted should another deal like this come about. Hubby and I were just looking into alternative cloud storage.

    • BrothaTech

      #Womp But still, at full price, $50 bucks a year for piece of mind is still hard to beat.

      Will keep you posted if any new deals pop up.

      Thanks for the comment.

      • Christine St.Vil

        So very true! Ok thanks so much we’ll definitely be finalizing something soon so this was right on time.

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