#TechTips: Consolidate Cloud Storage With Mover

I use cloud storage to synchronize all my business files across all the devices I use on a daily basis (I’ll write about the difference between cloud storage and online backup later). Of course, I have accounts (and files) on just about all the major cloud storage services.

Remembering which document, image, or form is on which storage account can be a task in and of itself. So one of the things on my “BrothaTech To-Do List” before 2015 is to organize and consolidate my cloud storage — I first thought I was going to manually move folders and files. Doing a quick web search, I found a pretty handy service called Mover that will automate the process.

About Mover

Simply put, if you’re thinking about migrating your data to the cloud, transferring data from one cloud account to another, or backing up all your cloud data in one location, Mover is the service that can get it done. The service can connect to just about all the personal and business cloud storage services (with the exception of iCloud…That’s Apple for ya’), and lets you immediately (or on a schedule) move or backup data without manually touching individual files. There are even IT support centres that are able to store cloud data securely for you, just like this Liverpool It Support Company.

Mover is free for personal use for transfers. Pricing starts at $20/month for 20GB of storage if you want to backup all your cloud storage to Mover, or if you run a organization with a ton of data you need to move, store, and backup in the cloud.

How To Transfer Data with Mover

My use for Mover is to consolidate my cloud accounts into one (or two) primary accounts. At any given time, I was using a combination of Copy, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and FTP (site/database backup) to keep files in the cloud. Not only was this confusing, but dangerous, because the more files I have spread out on the innanets, the greater chance there is for my data to get lost, or stolen due to simple neglect.

I decided that my Copy account would be my main cloud storage account (I have 300GB of storage and it’s backed by the Barracuda Networks folks — Legends in the IT game), followed by Google Drive so I can share files and collaborate with clients or team members (since everybody uses Google’s services in one shape/form/fashion). Everything else, would be moved into these two services.

Using Mover is pretty simple:

  1. Create an account
  2. Find your source cloud connector and authorize Mover access to your account
  3. Find the files/folders you want to transfer
  4. Find your destination cloud connector and authorize Mover
  5. Select the location to move the files to
  6. Click “Run the transfer”

Mover Transfer

Notes: Depending on the cloud accounts you use, there may be individual file size limits on certain cloud storage accounts that may prohibit transfer. Additionally, Mover doesn’t move files, it just copies them. You will have to go in and delete files from their original location once you confirm the transfer is complete.

Mover will send you a confirmation email when the files have been transfered. You can even schedule a transfer for a time when you will less likely be using the files, because I know how busy you are during the holiday break.

I’m a little anal-retentive when it comes to certain things, and regularly looking around all my cloud storage accounts was getting on my nerves.

If you need to consolidate your cloud accounts to save time, check out Mover.io and let me know what you think.