Girl Scouts with credit card readers

Found this image on Facebook and just had to share it with my readers. It’s funny, but it brings up a good point I’d like to make. If a little girl selling cookies can swipe a credit card to complete a transaction, why must I hunt around for an ATM when I patron your carwash, babershop, food tuck, beauty salon, or booth at my local trade show/expo, barbeque grill in the Walmart parking lot on the weekends, or [insert business that doesn’t have a physical location here]

I just had this conversation with Mrs. Tech about our kid’s Daycare/Pre-K. They only take cash, check or money order…MONEY ORDER?!


Companies like Square, PayPal and others are making it DEAD simple to take credit cards with low transaction fees that link directly to your bank account. All you need is a smartphone, a FREE app, and the credit card reader to use their service (that’s also free in most cases). So remind me why you can’t take my [plastic] money?

I don’t carry cash or checks…I’m certainly not going to a bank, grocery store or shady “Get Cash Fast…but pay 500% interest” spot to pay for a money order. So I’m cool with not patronizing your business if you don’t accept credit cards. I’ll go to the next spot. Are you, Mr/Mrs small business owner, cool with letting money walk out the door because you don’t want to invest 5 minutes to research accepting credit cards anywhere, or worse: Don’t want to pay the transaction fees??

So you choose to miss ALL my money because you don’t want to give up SOME of it to a company that makes it easier for you to accept ALL my money? Let that sink in for a second…