The Hookup – Best Ways To Sell Your Phone

The iPhone 7 has been announced and the pre-order date has come and gone. If you were lucky, you were able to get a ship date that will put your new iPhone in your hands well before Samsung decides to provide protective gloves and fire extinguishers with each Galaxy Note 7 purchase.


While you wait on your “New Hotness” to arrive, you still have to look at your “old and busted” for just a little while longer until you can hand it down to another family member, or sell it. There are several ways to turn your unwanted phone into cash, but what’s the quickest? What’s the easiest? What’s the most profitable? Here is a breakdown of all the ways you can sell your phone.

Now all the following methods assume your iPhone is yours “free and clear” (not apart of a contract/lease to own/free phone every year programs from carriers or manufacturers). If you’re phone is yours, and better yet, not tied to a particular carrier (unlocked), you will have less “static” from would-be sites and buyers, and you will be able to fetch a higher price tag for your phone.

If you’re unsure, I recommend Swappa’s free ESN/IMEI Checker to get a better idea of your phone’s status before you sell.

Trade-in for store credit/cards

Apple, Amazon, Best Buy all offer phone trade-in programs where you can sell your phone for an in-store (or site) credit or store card you can use toward future purchases. The pros of doing a trade-in is that it’s a relatively fast process and you’re already familiar with these brands, so cashing in is equally as fast. The con is you’re purchasing options are limited to that particular store/site, versus getting cash to do whatever you want wherever you want.

Sell to Buy Back Websites

Probably the most popular of all the ways to get rid of that old phone are buy-back sites like Gazelle, uSell, and BuyBack World. Buy back sites like Gadget Valuer compares prices from multiple sites to help you make the best choice when your ready to sell.

Buy back sites are similar to trade-in services, but offer the extra bonus of more payout options. You can get site credits, debit cards, or straight-up cash (in the form of a PayPal deposit) to do with what you please. The downside is that in my experience, the payout is less that other options. If you do some extra work, you can definitely get more value for your phone.

Sell On eBay

The original “sell your stuff” marketplace, eBay has been around for a while and is the most familiar if you want to list your phone…and clothes and cars and whatever else you need to get rid of for sale. The positives to eBay is if you’re willing to do some extra work creating the perfect listing your phone, you will be able to get the most money than other options.

Of course, the negative is you have to do extra work to make sure your listing is optimized to get most money out of your listing. Additionally, you have to deal with listing fees, shipping, and other hoops to jump through in order to get your cash.

Note: eBay has recently launched a Quick Sale site where you can get cash without actually listing your phone traditionally. After you send your phone to eBay, it’s verified by selling experts, and you’re sent cash in return.

Sell on Craigslist/Marketplace Apps

Craigslist, and other “sell it fast” mobile apps like OfferUp, Letgo, and Close5 make buying a selling more local so you’re not dealing with a website or big-brand company that may de-value your phone. That means you can cut the middle man out altogether and to get as much money for your phone as selling on eBay. The main drawback is that you’re dealing with actual people to complete the sell. That means you must take extra precaution to make sure you’re not taken advantage of or worse. Be safe and smart out in these Craigslist streets…

I’ve owned many phones and have dealt extensively with most of the methods listed when it was time to get rid of my phones. If you made me choose which option I prefer, I would say selling on eBay because I’m willing to put in the extra work in order to get top-dollar for my phone.

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But, of course your experiences with each of the mentioned sites and services may vary, so I suggest do your own research before you sell your phone. So if you have used any of the listed ways to sell your phone, or have a method that’s not listed, be sure to share the love in the comments section.