The Hookup: Get a Lifetime 2nd Phone Number For Your Phone for only $25

I’m a fan of buying and selling things on Craigslist…and all the other 50-eleven “resell your stuff” apps. It takes a little effort, but you can really find good deals, as well as get rid of stuff you don’t want, all while saving/making some extra dough.

What I don’t like about the reselling to human beings is giving out my actual phone number to negotiate prices and setting up meets to make the exchange. In most cases, I will never interact with these people again, but the thought of somebody I don’t know having the same number that I call my “Momma” with doesn’t sit well with me – and having looked at Sprint cell phone plans, I didn’t fancy the additional cost of what was essentially a ‘burner.’

So I did some research discovered the Hushed app that gives users a fully-functional 2nd phone number for your smartphone.

Essentially, the Hushed app lets you make calls, send texts and photos, even set up a personalized voicemail for your Hushed phone number. Hushed App works within data, cellular, and WiFi networks, ensuring you never miss a call – No phone plan needed. Your Hushed phone number never expires, with the option of adding deleting/adding additional numbers.

Hushed doesn’t just offer a 2nd phone number for making calls and sending text messages. It is a full-bodied app with loads of features that sets it apart from other similar services:

  • Full access to your phone contact list from your new number (but your caller ID won’t show your real number)
  • Free messages between Hushed users.
  • Activate “Hushed mode” and all your texts, pics and videos are erased!
  • Fully customizable voicemail with personalized greeting.
  • Sharable Hushed PINs for secure, one-time, private conversations
  • Send texts or pictures anywhere in the US.
  • Block calls from showing your caller ID.
  • Slack integration allows you to send texts directly from Slack.
  • Set up super useful Auto-replies: a general response feature that can look for specific keywords to automate text message replies. Great for Airbnb owners!
  • Sync with Dropbox to store texts, voicemails and pictures.


hushed app installed via BrothaTech

Yes, I actually use Hushed

Now I know what you’re thinking: “BrothaTech, doesn’t Google Voice does the same thing?” Outside of the additional Hushed features you don’t get with Google Voice, the major difference between Google Voice and Hushed is Google Voice could very well possibly lose its features or get nixed completely when Google FINALLY comes up with ONE decent Android messaging service to compete with iMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Now a 2nd line for additional safety/security when buying and selling online may not interest you. Here are some additional use-cases for why you would need a full-featured phone line for your smartphone

~ Entrepreneurs/small business owners. If you need a 2nd phone number for your smartphone to differentiate between personal and business calls on one phone.

~ Online dating sites/apps. You may not want to give your REAL number to people you make a “connection” with online (or in person at a bar or other social event) because…people.

~ Keeping your personal data offline. Everybody wants to get as much information about you as possible so they an analyze your online habits, and figure out the best way to market to you. The less real information they have on you, the better protected your information is from marketers, or hackers if your information is ever stolen and sold.

Exclusive Hushed deal for BrothaTech readers: $25 one-time fee for a 2nd number for life!

Hushed offers multiple affordable pricing plans, but for my readers, you cay pay a $25 one-time fee and get your Hushed 2nd line for life! Additionally, here are the benefits of a lifetime number from Hushed:

  • 1100 SMS, 500 voice minutes included (renews every year for life)
  • Option to change your number once every year
  • Number and plan expires if service unused for six months
  • 30 day money back guarantee

…This same plan would normally cost $30/year!

In order to take advantage of this deal, click this link, enter your email and the promo code “BT25”. After you checkout, Hushed will send you instructions via the email you provided to download the app, setup your account, pick your number and enjoy.

You’re welcome

HushedApp Demo from HushedAppEric on Vimeo.

Disclaimer: Yes, Hushed is an Affiliate partner of BrothaTech, and I will benefit from you using Hushed…That just means I personally can vouch for and use the service.