Apple Universal Clipboard via BrothaTech

The ONE Apple Productivity Tip I Use All The Time

Do you find yourself doing stuff on your iPhone and then realize you have a WHOLE computer sitting next to you?

With Universal Clipboard, you can quickly copy any kind of text on your iPhone and then paste it on your Mac and vice versa – No extra apps needed.

Universal Clipboard is part of the Continuity suite of features that makes it easy to start a task on one Apple device, and complete on another.

In order to take advantage of Continuity you need:

  • Each device has Bluetooth turned on
  • Each device has WiFi turned on
  • Each device has Handoff turned on

Not just any Apple device will work with Continuity – In general, if you have the any mobile device that is compatible with iOS 12, or any 2010 Mac that can run macOS X Mojave, you’re good. Be sure to check out the Apple Continuity page to learn about all the different connectivity/productivity features available between your Apple devices.

What’s your favorite Apple productivity tip?