This Latest iOS Update Stops Cops From Hacking Your iPhone

If you’re concerned about security on your iPhone or iPad you might want to download the latest iOS 11.4 update that includes a pretty significant feature that will block thieves (or the law) from hacking your phone to get your personal data.

The new security feature is called USB Restricted Mode and essentially it shuts down data transfer via your device’s charging port if it has been locked for longer than one hour. This prohibits anybody from connecting devices like a GrayKey box and attempting fifty-million eleven passwords until it guesses the right one.


Now word on the street is that this first USB Restricted Mode iteration doesn’t work EXACTLY as planned, because it can be bypassed as long a thief or police officer IMMEDIATELY connects your iPhone to a 3rd party USB accessory before entering USB restricted mode.


So it’s not foolproof (yet) but it shows that Apple is concerned about your data and will protect it from anybody that doesn’t have explicit approval from you to access.

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