How to Pre-order the iPhone X

iPhone X Preorder Tips and Tricks

Word on street is that the iPhone X will be in short supply for a number of reasons. Some reports point to manufacturing issues. Others point to supply-chain issues. Conspiracy theorists believe that Apple is behind the “limited supply” rumors for the sole purpose of amping up the hype machine for the iPhone X launch day on November 3rd.

Whatever the reason, many believe the window for getting your iPhone X on launch day is super-small. If you don’t get your device on launch day, there’s no telling when the Apple supply chain will catch up.

You don’t want to be one of those folks who have an iPhone X ship date in 2018, so that means the best shot at getting your “anniversary edition” iPhone on time is via pre-order, which starts tonight, October 27th at 12:01AM PDT (3:01AM EST).

I plan on getting up in the middle of the night to get my iPhone X preorder in as soon as humanly possible. It’ll be interesting to see how the new iPhone X performs on a gimbal with video. If you want to learn more about phone gimbals, check out Based on my past preorder successes (and failures), and tips and tricks I’ve gathered from other sources (read: Google), here is my strategy for a successful iPhone X preorder.

Get Your Money Right

My iPhone 7 Preorder Fail

So last year, when the rumor mill was (again) “The iPhone 7 will be short supply because [insert click-bait reason here]” I decided to go the preorder route versus waiting in line on launch day. So I made sure to get up early and get through the process as quickly as possible…And I almost did it, but my credit card company declined my purchase due to their fraud protection service.

By the time I squared away with them, I had to wait weeks (which seemed like FOREVER) past the launch day before I could get my Matte Black iPhone 7 Plus. So this year, I plan on calling my credit card company to let them know a large purchase from Apple is coming.

iPhone Upgrade Program Pre-check

If you’re one of those people who is using the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program to cop the iPhone X, I would strongly suggest going through the motions now because Apple will need to check your credit prior to giving you the green light to order via the program.

Payment Method On File

If you plan on paying with a credit/debit card, you also need to make sure your preferred method of payment with Apple is up-to-date. Name, credit card number, expiration date as well as the 3-4 digit security code, as well as your shipping/billing information, needs to be correct and locked in if you want to fly through the process. So go to the Apple website, log in to your account, and verify everything is on the square prior to going through iPhone X preorder process.

There’s An [Apple Store] App For That

History has proven that the fastest way to get through iPhone X preorder process is via the Apple Store App on your phone. Before a major device release, Apple takes down their website for a while. History has shown that the Apple Store App was re-launched minutes before the actual website. So to hedge your bets, it’s wise to go through the App Store App versus

Fave 5

To speed up the iPhone X preorder process via or the App Store App, I would suggest going through and setting up 1-3 favorite iPhone X configurations. Starting now, you can select the color, storage capacity, carrier and preferred payment options, then save that selection as a “favorite” (using the heart symbol) in your account. When the site/app is back up, you can quickly open your account, select your favorite (or several backup favorites consisting of different colors and storage capacities) to add to your bag and check out.

A Backup plan and a backup plan for the backup plan

If you’re having trouble going through Apple (website or app), don’t keep repeating the same steps over and over expecting a different result. Instead, try your iPhone X preorder on your wireless carrier site, or big-box retailer (rhymes with Best Buy Mobile). I plan on going so far as to have one device per method locked and loaded, so I can effortlessly move to a different device and retailer if Apple is tripping. For example, my setup may look like this:

iPhone – Apple Store App

iPad –

MacBook – My wireless carrier

MacMini – Big Box Retailer

On each device, I will have everything set up and gone as far in the process as possible prior to iPhone X preorders going live. When one method fails, I will switch to another, and so on, and so on.


Hyped? What’s your iPhone X preorder strategy?

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