Atama Sesame 2

“Automatic Mac Lockdown”

Keeping nosey office neighbors out of your work is as easy as locking your Mac every time you step away…if you can ever remember to actually lock your computer. The folks at Atama want to make locking your Mac when you step away as easy as…stepping away from your Mac

BrydgeAir Keyboard

MacBook Mini computing

If you have decided to go all in on the “Post PC era” and use your iPad as your main computing device, one of the essential tools to squeeze more productivity out of your beloved tablet is a good keyboard.

Zolt Laptop Charger Plus

More and more people are using their laptop as their go-to productivity device, especially since desktop computers starting to disappear. Since a laptop can be considered a “mobile device”, we now have a minimum of three devices (and their chargers) that we’re schlepping around everyday. Enter the Zolt Laptop Charger Plus, a super compact battery that packs the ability to charge a smartphone, tablet, and a PC At the same damn time simultaneously.

Tech Gear You Should Be Gifting This Holiday Season

The whole “BlaBer FriMon” Black Friday, Cyber Monday ordeal has ended. If you didn’t immediately excuse yourself from the Thanksgiving spread to venture out among the crazies to scoop up a good deal, don’t worry, you will see those same “This week(end) only” deals for the next couple of weeks, on into the new year…Yeah, retail shops need your money that bad.

If you skipped the crazy start of the holiday shopping season, but still need some gift ideas to fill some holes on your shopping list, here some categories that will help you slim down your tech gift list for the geeks in your life.

Video: What’s In Your Tech Bag

I’ve owned my new MacBook for a little over a month and the bag I was using to carry it around was showing it’s age. So I decided to go out a purchase a new one.

My new bag resembles a nylon briefcase with a shoulder strap if I want to throw it over my shoulder. The reason why I like this bag is because I wanted something smaller, but roomy enough to carry my must-have tech that I use on a daily basis.

What tech do I carry with me on a daily basis? I’m glad you asked…