[Video] What’s In My Travel Bag

I've always wanted to do one of those "What's in your bag" posts where I list all the gadgets I carry when i'm out and about. Check out my video of all the gadgets I will be packing for the Blogging While Brown 2012 conference...

Technology I Wish Was Around When I Got Married

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First and foremost, let me take the time to say HAPPY 8TH ANNIVERSARY to my wife AKA:

– Mrs. Tech
– Peaches
– Chief Financial Officer
– Claire Obama or Michelle Huxtable
– “He only thinks he’s running thangs in this family”

Looking forward to many wonderful years ahead with you by my side…and in my ear.

I’d like to think we did a pretty good job organizing our wedding. Most of our guest were from out of town, so we did some major planning and strategizing, only to wing it and do what had to get done during the big day. Even still, we had major fun and Mrs. Tech made cry. As a result, I look forward to planning something awesome for our 10-year “renew our vows” thingy.

Since I’m a techie, I wonder how cool it would have been if we got a chance to outfit our wedding with some of the cool technology that’s out today. So allow me some time to “shoulda, woulda, coulda” and outline just some of the gadgets, sites, and apps I know WE would’ve implemented on OUR wedding day.

…I used bolds, italics, and underlines on purpose

A Brotha’s Tech Gift Picks for Father’s Day

If the tie isn't also a beer opener, try someting else this year.

It’s that time again where fathers get less than a “honorable mention” in the news about Father’s Day, compared to the ENTIRE month of ads, commercials, and downright “You suck as a human-being if you don’t buy the special mother in your life some jewelry” messages for Mother’s Day.

But, if you’re looking to step your game up and do it big for your “Dad” this year, let BrothaTech hook you up with some cool tech gifts that are sure to make Pops puff his chest out with appreciation this Father’s Day.