New Pebble Time Smartwatch Announced on Kickstarter

At the time of this post, it’s only been one day and the new Pebble Time smartwatch has raised over $7 Million dollars on Kickstarter, the place where the original Pebble was birthed. Smartwatch popularity have since exploded and so has the technology. But Pebble Time promises to remain the same great simplistic and practical smartwatch that made it so popular in the first place.

Eero Home Wi-Fi System Covers Network Dead Zones

Nowadays, it’s pretty simple to plug a Wi-Fi router into your modem for instant network connectivity…Just make sure you change the default SSID name and password for maximum security. That one router can provide connectivity for most of your home. For those hard to reach network dead zones, there’s a new Wi-Fi system that can go where normal wireless routers can’t.

Evernote Free, Premium, and Business Accounts Explained

If you’re thinking about getting into Evernote, or have finally created an account, congrats. It’s a great tool to organize your thoughts, and your life for that matter. First on your list of Evernote to-do’s should be to decide what level subscription you should sign up for.

Of course your Evernote experience will be different than others, so it’s hard to tell you specifically which plan: Free, Premium, or Business you should sign up for. But what I can do is provide a quick breakdown of the main features that differentiate the plans that I’m sure will help you choose what plan go to with.

Martell Iconic Blueprints And Rob Hill, Sr. Recognize Atlanta Icon Derek Blanks

I was invited out to rub elbows with some of Atlanta’s finest as we honored one of the city’s icons, Derek Blanks. For those who don’t know, Blanks is a photographer Visual Artist who has worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment.

Martial Iconic Blueprints event series is put together by Martell Cognac, as they have been touring the county and recognizing some of the country’s best and brightest icons in all industries. Their go-to-guy for bringing these icons together is the author and self-proclaimed “Heart Healer” Rob Hill, Sr. who is an icon in his own right.

What’s In A Name? The Story Behind The BrothaTech URL #MeIsAboutYou

When I decided to start my website and build my personal brand, I wanted it to reflect who I was and what my interests were. To be honest, I wrestled with what kind of readers I wanted to attract, and what kind of readers might be discouraged from visiting. After a considerable amount of thought, I decided to be true to myself and let the chips fall where they may.