11 Computer Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

Even though the shelf-life of computers are getting shorter and shorter, you should still want to keep you're "baby" running as long as possible. Additionally, you also want to ensure that nothing bad happens to your computer at the worst possible time. To keep your computer up and running, and to squeeze more speed and productivity from your computer, here are 11 common computer mistakes you need to stop making...

4 Questions To Ask When Buying The Best External Hard Drive

Computers are getting smaller and faster. Most people have decided to ditch their desktop computer in favor of an ultra portable laptop. As computers get smaller, so does their storage capacity. Now most people think the cloud is the way to go for device backup and storage management as online storage gets cheaper, but there’s nothing like physical storage space to do the “heavy lifting” of everyday tasks. So here are questions your should ask yourself when choosing the best external Hard Drive for your needs.

3 Reasons To Use a VPN On Your Mobile Device

Be careful, entrepreneurs, small businesses owners, frequent travelers, and coffee shop snobs regulars aren’t the only ones taking advantage of free public Wi-Fi. Other “users” are dying to get a hold of your public browsing data that you’re potentially serving up to them on a silver platter every time you log on to public Wi-Fi via your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. 

New Dropbox Action Extension – Save Files From Other Apps

iOS users have been able to share stuff between Apple-specific apps, like sharing a Safari web page via the Mail app without invoking the copy/paste ritual. With iOS 8, Apple has finally decided to not be so scary, and open up action extensions to 3rd-Party apps. One of the most popular apps has finally taken Apple on its word and added an Dropbox action extension to make it stupid-simple to upload files.

4 Tips and Tools To Help Find Your Lost iPhone

Smartphones are our “everything device” and most of us wouldn’t be anything without them – Yay Future! So I’m sure most people know EXACTLY where their precious iPhone is right now. If your iPhone is ever lost or stolen, you can rely on a couple of tricks and tools that may just help you get your baby back, because you know you will literally die without your phone.

Sign And Send Documents with HelloSign

Tax season is among us. That means you should be knee-deep in digging up receipts and sending/receiving documents to get ready to see the “Tax Man”. I’m almost positive that your tax prep includes downloading, signing, uploading, and sending W2’s W9’s, or whatever crazy form the IRS has come up with to make Feb-April a frustrating time, especially if you have personal and business taxes to deal with (raises hand).

If you’re looking to squeeze in some extra efficiency as well as save your sanity when it comes to document management, HelloSign is my go-to service for electronically signing and sending documents…and saving trees.

How To: Backup Your Mac With Time Machine

I’m going to keep this short and sweet: If you have a Mac, but you’re not using Apple’s free (and easy) Time Machine to back up your computer, you need to be slapped. Now that I’ve got your attention, I’ve whipped up a tutorial video on how easy it is to set up Time Machine so you can back up your computer because…I said so.