totallee case review_iphone protection for the minimalist

Totallee Case Review – iPhone Protection For The Minimalist


* Inexpensive
* Super thin, elegant, minimalist look and feel
* Keeps phone free of scratches


* Case is slippery
* Only keeps phone free of scratches
* Case itself is easily scratched

I know I’m doing a smartphone case review, but let me be honest, I really don’t like smartphone cases. The main reason is I don’t like how cases add all that extra bulk to my phone. Saying this though, If you are looking for phone for a heavy use, check out This may be the look that some people prefer. I like that smartphones these days are getting sleeker and sexier, so why would I spend the money for a sleek and sexy phone, just to cover it up in a big bulky case?

Yes, I know why putting a case on a smartphone, specifically, my $1100 dollar iPhone X is a good idea – Prevent it from cracking if I drop it…and word on the street is that the iPhone X is a super fragile smartphone.

On the flip-slide, I know how to fix cracked smartphone screens, and I have AppleCare on my expensive-as all get out smartphone. BUT I still see the need for a smartphone case to keep the phone scratch and scuff free. So if you put a gun to my head, I prefer a Minimalist case.

The nice folks at Totallee sent me a pair of ultra-thin, minimalist cases for my iPhone X and iPhone 7 to see if they will fit my needs.

The first thing that jumped out at me was the fact that the Totallee case is just 0.02 inches thin. Which was what I was looking for – I don’t want a case that takes away from the look and feel of my phones.

The case is so thin, that on my iPhone X, the Apple logo is visible through the case in the right light. Which brings me to the next point – Totallee cases are completely brand-free. That means I don’t have to worry about promoting anything other than my iPhone when I’m out in public.

The fit of the Totallee case is ‘money’ – Being 0.02″ thin and weights only 0.1 oz, there is hardly any extra size or heft to my phones when the case is added. I got the black colors for both my iPhone X and iPhone 7, so the with the Totallee cases on, you can’t actually tell that the case is on.

Since there is no extra added bulk, I don’t have to worry about removing the case when I want to connect to any special connections, like my desktop charging stand. It also fits into my pants pocket with no extra bulge and I can rest assured that with an added screen protector, my phone won’t get scratched or scraped up by any loose change, keys, or anything else in my pockets.

Speaking of scratches and scrapes, the Totallee cases are made of durable polypropylene material that won’t warp or stretch over time, but it does scratch. I’ve had the case on my phones for abut two weeks, and during normal usage (and I’m pretty careful about where my phone is what it’s sitting on or in), I can already see some scratches on the back of the case, which does take away from the sexiness of the case. Conversely, the scratches are not blatant, and it means there are no scratches on my phone, so the case is doing the job I need it to do.

Another challenge is that the case is slippery and doesn’t add any additional grip. Add that with the fact that the thin polypropylene material doesn’t protect from drops, you have to be very careful with how you handle your phone with a Totallee case.

Which for me is cool. Like I said before, I hate cases. So much so, that the tradeoff of being a little extra careful with my smartphones, if it means I don’t have to hide my phone in an big, bulky case is worth it.

Starting at $19, Totallee cases are a good deal. If I was super-concerned with protecting my iPhones from everything during the daily grind, I could definitely see picking up a Totallee case or two to use during special occasions when you want to show off your fly phone, without all the extra bulk.

If you want to try out Totallee cases and other smartphone accessories, use this referral link to get 20% off your order.

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