[Video] Cash by Square App – Easiest Way to Send Money?

Cash by Square App – Easiest Way to Send Money via BrothaTech.comI don’t carry cash. Normally I don’t run into trouble without cash with the only exception being when I go out to eat with others. It seems as if I’m the odd man out because everybody else has cash. In those situations, I usually either take all the cash from my friends and put the entire bill on my card, or we all circle who’s paying what on the bill and let the waiter figure it out.

It’s those times where the new Cash by Square app will work the best for me. If you’re not familiar, Cash by Square will let anyone send money via email – No extra fees or no Square account needed. All you have to do is link your debit card and any money you send via the app will show up in the recipient’s account in approximately two days. The recipient will need to link their debit account to recieve the money.

The app simply populates all the email fields with the correct information to ensure everything goes smoothly, but the entire transaction is done via email.

1. Enter the email address you linked to Square in the “from” field
2. Enter the email address you want to send money to
3. Add “Cash@Square.com” in the CC field
4. Add the amount of money you want to send in the Subject field
5. Add a note to recipient in the body

…Or you can use the free Cash app (for iOS and Android) and it will automagically populate the From, CC, and subject field, you will just have to add a recipient and a note in the body.

Check out my walk-through video of Cash by Square

In other words, if you can send an email, you can send money using Cash by Square. This puts Square squarely (see what I did there) in competition with PayPal, where you can also send money to anyone, but you do need a PayPal account and the PayPal mobile app. With Square, all you need to do is link an email address and debit card, no account or app needed. Oh, and most importantly, not fees.

The service is free to use, I’m assuming Square sees the value in having a ton of email addresses and debit cards…Hopefully they will only use that information as to figure out how to eat at PayPal’s market share.

Let me know what you think? Will you switch from sending money via PayPal to Cash by Square?




  • JB

    Hey Brotha Tech. Great article and even better video demo of Cash by Square. I have been using both the Square Dongle and the PayPal Here Triangle since they were first introduced. The one thing I have a problem with is something that I think would be very simple for a company like Square and that’s customer service.

    Point blank we are dealing with money here and I for one would like to know that I can talk to someone via the phone or even chat that can tell me what is going on with my issue with my money.
    The fact that you cannot call Square to talk to anyone about your issue is down right ridiculous.

    I had an issue with Square some months ago in which they owed me almost 2k in revenue swiped into my Square account. The money was supposed to be in my Bank account within 48 hours. 72 hours later I sent Square an email form to inquire about the money not being there. I then got an email back 2 days later that they were looking into the issue.

    I then went back and forth with someone via email to the tune of yet another week before the problem was finally resolved. As much as I really love what Square is doing, I was done using their service. This issue could have been rectified with just one call back to me or to the bank I was using at the time.

    Ok now my question about Square Cash. Since you don’t have to sign up for a Square account to use this new service but you do have to give them your debt card information, who do I call or email if I have an issue with sending or receiving money from this new service?

    Don’t get me wrong I am still a huge fan of Square and I constantly recommend it to those who are looking to start their own business. I am just looking forward to the day when Square makes it easier for one to resolve a money issue with phone call or a chat session.

    Ok I am off my soap box..;-)

    Again Great Stuff Brotha Tech


    • BrothaTech

      I like how you built me up, before breaking me all the way down, LOL!

      Customer Service is indeed a BIG issue for all these SAAS tech startups. I use both PayPal and Square and I personally haven’t had any issues with either…”You see the way my bank account is set up”.

      BUT I’ve heard horror stories years ago about PayPal just suspending folks’ accounts and leaving money on the table. Which in my opinion opened the gates to people entertaining other options like Square….and entire websites erected to complain about PayPal.

      Now word on the street is that PayPal has got allot better, but I do think it’s dope that people have options. Maybe people like you staying with PayPal will force Square to devote more time and money to live customer service…competition is a good thing.

      • JB

        Brotha Tech you know I had to check you a little after the build up..;-)

        I totally agree with you and the PayPal shut down stories. I have a good friend of mine who is an eBay platinum seller and can tell you all kinds of horror stories regarding PayPal and his business.

        He got shut down as well with one of his PayPal account but was able to recover most of what he lost through 2 other PayPal account he had in the name of his business partner.

        PayPal by no means is the end all answer. Other players in the game have given PayPal some competition so they had to step up their game and for that I am very grateful to companies like Square,

        If PayPal was smart they would have done what was done to them by eBay and just have bought them out and made the Square part of the PayPal commerce offering.

        Just one other dig. The new Square Cash is not available for all Android Phones or the first gen Ipads running iOS 5.1.1. I have the Mytouch Q with Android 2.3.6 and the app in not available for my phone..;-(

        Either way the more the competition the more we all get to win when it comes to having options to help us grow our businesses.

        BTW you could have hooked a brotha up with your demo and used my email to send me 5 dollars..lol

        All the best


        • BrothaTech

          Come to think of it, I prolly should’ve sent you a couple bucks…so you can step ya’ mobile game up to at least 12 months ago…just kidding (but fo’ real doe)

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