Video: How To Lock Smartphone Photo And Video Focus

If you have ever wanted to take a bunch of pics really fast on a smartphone, but had to wait for the auto focus to kick in; OR if you get annoyed (and a little dizzy) every time the camera refocuses every couple of seconds when you’re watching a video shot on a smartphone, this tip is for you.

By simply tapping and holding your smartphone screen on the image you want to remain in focus, you actually can lock-in the focus when you take pics or shoot video. This especially comes in handy when the subject of your photo/video is sitting still – There is no need to refocus if you slightly adjust the position of your smartphone.

I would go through all the trouble of taking a bunch of screenshots on how to do it, but since I need more “multimedia” content, I figured I would shoot a video, or me shooting a video walk-through on how to activate automatic focus lock.

Pretty slick right? If you have any smartphone tips, be sure to drop a line in the comments section.




  • Chris Miller

    I almost agree but I find that some of the smartphone cameras (I know the HTC) will always re-evaluate the image even when I am clicking an exact spot. I was hoping there was a setting to lock the focus in one place and let me move around

    • Terrance Gaines

      Almost. This setting is mainly to snap a bunch a pictures while in-focus but without auto-correcting every time. Maybe in the 2016 crop of phones?

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