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[Video] Why I’m Mad: Pay The Writer

Normally, my “Why I’m Mad” videos feature me ranting about something that bugs me about technology, but after seeing this, I just had to share it with my fellow bloggers and writers who are trying to make it in this new media game.

After attending “The Takeaway” Workshop in Atlanta back in April, and recently reading the book “Turning Pro” by Steven Pressfield, I’ve been re-thinking how I do things in relationship to my site.

Today, some of my fellow bloggers were having a conversation about schemes to get influential bloggers to contribute to a social network in the hopes to get picked to be included on a “panel discussion about the direction of social influence and how it fits within our professional world”. This was right around the time I was reading the article: Don’t Ask Writers to Work for Free Unless You Want an Eloquent ‘Fuck Off’.

That’s when my homegirl Afrobella entered the conversation and dropped what we call a “dime” that I just HAD to share with all of you…

“Tell ‘Em Why You Mad, Son!”

The message should speak for itself, but just in case, you may not be a seasoned, influential blogger or writer that has brands and other new media properties tripping all over themselves to work with you, but that doesn’t mean you should let them walk over you either. You may be new in the game and think that your inbox full of requests to “blog for influence” is par for the course until you get your name out there. Believe me, there are influential bloggers and writers out there with inboxes full of “blog for influence” emails too.

And TRUST AND BELIEVE that these companies and agencies are getting paid, whether you agree to sign on or not, so as the late Biggie Smalls ever-so-eloquently said

“Get Money”

In the end, brands won’t get it until we ALL know our value, and demand that we get it. Your value may not be the same as others, but that doesn’t mean you’re at their mercy either.

Just food for thought.

*Drops mic*

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Terrance Gaines

Digital Lifestyle Concierge at BrothaTech
Husband, father, and gadget geek trying to keep my check engine light off.
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  • Lucrecer

    My goodness this is on point. A friend and I were talking about this yesterday and I told her I was no longer doing anything for the sake of exposure. Exposure does not pay my rent or feed my family. What is even more insulting are the brands that magically have no budget to pay writers for what we do. Thank you for sharing this. This conversation needs to continue.

    • Terrance Gaines

      Thanks for the comment L!

      This has been an ongoing conversation for a while now. Pretty soon, brands won’t be able to ignore it or find bloggers who will bow down.

  • Denene Millner

    YEEEES, brother. YES. I’m right at that tipping point where I’m about to respond to “invitations” to blog about *insert million-dollar brand and their products here* with my man Harlan. He says it all, doesn’t he? And you’re spot on: WE have to understand our worth. WE have to understand what it took for us to build our platforms and cultivate our audiences and establish OUR truth online and how important all of that is. And STOP handing it over to people who are USING us for their own gain, without a care in the world about the sweat equity we bring to the table. Keep spreading the news, bro. Keep on!

    • Terrance Gaines

      Thanks for the comment sistren. I thought about you when I wrote this.

  • Blackgirlinmaine

    He is on point. My box stays full with people who all think that I don’t like to eat or live in a house. I am not here for that at all. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Terrance Gaines

      Not a problem at all. Hopefully, the brands are reading this as well…RECOGNIZE

  • Vernetta R. Freeney

    Yes, I did a YouTube video on this Jan. 1. He was too on point. And hilarious. People always ask how I get paid as a blogger but don’t want to pay when I say they need to in order to get their information on my blog. That’s why I have my own company so I can get paid.

    Really liked his verbal animation though.

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