Apple Event - How to stream live via BrothaTech

How To Watch Apple’s iPhone SE Event

Apple is getting better at streaming it’s live events. Today at 1pm EST, we are expecting to see a smaller “iPhone SE” device, reminiscent of the iPhone 5S, but with the current iPhone 6S software specs. Apple may just drop the latest version of the iPad Air, which will basically be a smaller version of the iPad Pro. Also plan on seeing an iOS 9.3 update, where 3rd-party developers may just be able to integrate 3D-Touch capabilities into their apps. What I’m looking forward to is WatchOS 2 update that will hopefully knock out some of the kinks and make UI more fluid and less laggy.

If you would rather watch the live stream straight from the source versus trying to follow along as folks like me flood your social media networks with text and images (keeping it real), here’s how:

  • The Apple Events section on its website via Safari browser for Mac/iOS
  • Microsoft Edge browser for PC
  • Via the new Apple Events app on Apple TV 4th generation
  • Apple events channel on the Apple TV 2nd or 3rd generation

Make sure you have the most current version of both your device OS and Safari browser and you should be good to go. Let’s just hope that live Apple Events streamed to our devices is pretty much bulletproof.

How do you plan on watching the event and what announcement are looking forward to?