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The Weekly Electronics Report Keynote – February 7th 2014

The Weekly Electronics Report Keynote - February 7th 2014 via

The Weekly Electronics Report Keynote is back with another episode. On this week’s episode

Galaxy S5 gets leaked

  • Announcement date later this month
  • Possible larger fingerprint scanning screen & no hardware buttons

Microsoft gets a new boss

  • Satya Nadella in as H.G.I.C. (Head Geek In Charge)
  • John Thompson replaces Bill Gates as Board Chairman

Foursquare gets a new sugar daddy

  • Foursquare still ironing out revenue model>
  • Microsoft could use Foursquare to improve Bing location information

President Obama commits THE tech sin

  • iPad + video recording = #NoBueno
  • 2 cool points deducted

Be sure to hit me up on social media using the hashtag #TWERKFridays to let me know what tech topics you want me touch on during next week’s episode…I’ll be sure to shout you out on the show.

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Terrance Gaines

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  • K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy

    I definitely think that consumers deserve to know what information the government is requesting from them. There are too many secrets in the government now as it relates to how they spy on us now. I’m totally with Twitter on taking this to court if need be. I’m going to give the President some slack on the iPad video. Not everybody is a tech guru and you have to work what you know at the end of day.

    He does have his hands full running a country at the end of day. And sure somebody else probably could used some high tech camera and recorded it for him, but that wouldn’t do him much good if he didn’t know how to operate it. I’m sure the video quality is fine for what he wants to use it for.

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