What Would You Buy From BrothaTech?

I’ve been blogging for quite some time and I’ve done a pretty good job of putting up dope tech articles and expanding the BrothaTech brand beyond this website.

But something has been bugging me for quite some time. I’ve though about it, took some initial steps, and then pushed my reoccurring idea to the side.

What’s the idea you ask? Finding something to sell online (eCommerce). Now I have sold other people’s stuff via Affiliate Marketing, and I’ve even sold some of my services offline (technology consulting and gadget repair). I’ve thought about what I want my quality of life to be. I’ve also evaluated my current interests and skills. From that personal evaluation, I need a product and/or service to sell online that will give me the freedom to work from anywhere.

Why? Well, because I’m BrothaTech, if anybody should be selling stuff online it should be me. The more complicated question is What should I sell? This is the part that gets me stuck EVERY TIME.

Up to this point, all of the conversations I’ve had about this topic have been inner thoughts I’ve never shared with anybody. Then I had an epiphany…”Keeping it all bottled up is just stupid”. Then I had another epiphany – “Who better to ask for advice than the people I’ve been talking to and sharing with for years?”

All that to say, I need your help. I know I love technology. Outside of that, I have no idea of what to sell. More importantly, I have no idea of what you would buy from BrothaTech.

So let’s just say you visited my site and the most recent post was “The BrothaTech Shop is now open for business” What product(s) would you immediately fill up your cart with?

Feel free to let you mind wander and be totally honest. I have some ideas, but really want your opinion. So hit me up with your thoughts on what BrothaTech should sell.

Hit up the comments section with your ideas



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