World Backup Day – 3 Tips To Keep Your Data Safe

You’ve been avoiding that little message on your computer reminding you that you haven’t backed up your computer in since forever. Maybe in celebration of World Backup Day, and some suggestions from yours truly, you finally decide to do your devices and files a favor and make sure they are backed up.

According to the World Backup Day website:

  • 30% of people have never backed up anything
  • There are 113 lost or stolen phones every minute
  • 1 in 10 computers are infected with viruses each month
  • 29% of disasters are caused by accident

What this means to me is it’s only a matter of time when something catastrophic happens to your devices and files. A proper backup will be the only thing that will enable you to get back up an running, versus crying to the heavens because you have to start over rebuilding your life and/or your business.

Having said all that, folks still have that “It will never happen to me” attitude when it comes to their devices/files. To them I say “Keep on living”. Of course I’m not going to leave you hanging. so in celebration of World Backup Day, here are some tips and tricks to ensure your devices and files are safe no matter what happens.

1. Online Backup and Cloud Synchronization are NOT the same

Without getting to techie, Cloud synchronization using services like Dropbox only stores/syncs content like documents, photos, music, and movies. Additionally, cloud storage services will only manage folder/files you designate.

When you back up your devices using online backup services like Backblaze, you’re not only only saving the above-mentioned content, you are also automatically saving system settings and preferences, and other essential computer configurations necessary for your computer to run. That way, if something happens to your computer, you have an exact copy of your entire entire computer you can restore to a new device.

Don’t feel like you have to choose one or the other. Check out how you can use both to make sure your data is safe.

2. Auto Backup Mobile Device Photos In the Cloud

Did you know that most of the popular cloud storage services like iCloudDropbox, Google Drive/Photos, and OneDrive have a little check box/toggle to automatically back up your camera roll? In other words, every time you snap a photo using your smartphone, a copy of that pic will be saved in the cloud.

My guess is you’re only using a fraction of your maximum cloud storage space. Why not use that extra space to make sure all those mobile photos and videos are stored on both your device and in the cloud? Sure it might chew up more of your data plan, but a little extra data usage is better than your kids running through your phone and deleting pics, or some coffee frying your phone’s logic board, or a thief swiping your phone.

3. Multiple Backups in Multiple formats

To make sure you have multiple backups in multiple formats, I suggest this strategy

  1. A backup of all your mobile devices on your computer – Every time you plug a device into your computer, you should also back them up using your mobile device’s backup service. For example, iTunes for iOS users.
  2. A backup of all your computers is on an external Hard Drive/Network attached storage – Every time your computers are connected to your home network, you should back them up to an external Hard Drive or NAS drive.
  3. A backup of your computers AND external Hard Drive/Network attached storage is stored online – You can automate the process of backing up your computers and external Hard Drives connected to either your computers or your network to online back up services like Backblaze (They work just fine for me and I regularly recommend them, but any online backup service will suffice).

This way, you know you have multiple backups in multiple formats, and a copy offsite, and it simplifies the backup process – Most of the work is done automatically.

I write about backup up your stuff frequently. That’s only because I’ve personally been on the other end of a Facebook message, Twitter DM, email, text message, or phone call with people who have freaked out because they can’t find any of their files. The first question I ALWAYS ask them is “Is your data backed up somewhere?” 90% of the time, the answer is no…Here is what I think in my head:

beyonce sucks to be you

Sometimes, I’m able to help, sometimes I’m not. But one thing I know for sure is if your data is backed up somewhere, the immediate feeling of panic from spilling water or juice on a device, getting infected with a software virus, a thief stealing your stuff, or your house burning down with all your precious memories inside will be minimized if you know you can at least retrieve your important information.

I mean, they came up with a World Backup Day to remind you…You have the knowledge, so for fuck’s pete’s sake, back up your stuff…You’ve been warned

“What would you do if you lost everything?”

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