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Yeah, I got an iPad 2…too

Took some time out of my uber-busy sxsw schedule to drop some knowledge on the iPad 2 that I bought while down in sxsw…

Hanging out down in sxsw yesterday, I ran into a colleague Angela Benton who was interested in checking out the Apple pop-up store built specifically for the sxsw crowd in a matter of days. So of course I was like “cool”. So we went over there and low and behold, the line wasn’t that long. So we waited around and the geek in me finally took over and I bought the 16GB, wifi-only version.

So for the past day, folks have been asking about it, specifically “why should I get it?” After my little pitch, my girl Lynne D. Johnson was sold.

So I figure I would do a quick post down in sxsw to QUICKLY go over my first impressions…cause I got “thangs” to do.

– Dual-core processor
I am sitting in the Samsung Blogger’s lounge right now banging out this post on “The Deuce”. So far, it’s much faster switching between apps, and general browser navigation. Now I don’t have any processor-heavy apps to test it out yet, but so far, so good.

– Small and light
This thing is so much easier to carry around. Some folks were surprised that I was carrying it around with just the cool little cover – no case, no protection. Now I’m not clumsy, so it worked. But if YOU have butter fingers, you prolly need to cover it up.

“I feel I need another bullet point”

– Productivity
All the reasons above will more than likely encourage me to get more things done on my iPad when I would normally wait until I am front of a computer. Even with the iPad and all it’s sexiness (I’m a tech geek, so my sexy may not be your sexy), the tablet isn’t going to replace a computer. BUT the ability to use it in MORE situations makes it a worthy tool.

So there you have it. You don’t HAVE to take my word for why you should get an iPad…but you should.

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I am going to stick with my iPad 1. No plans to get the 2 any time soon. However, I am keeping my eye open for an Android one. Of course there is the Xoom. And the Galaxy Tab still looks good. We will see what happens.

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