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You May Be Getting Screwed On Your Apple Warranty

Did you know that if you bought an Apple product from 3rd-party retailers like Target, Best Buy or Walmart your 1-year limited warranty protection date may start SOONER that your actual purchase date?
It works like this: When 3rd-Party retailers buy products from Apple to sell, the limited warranty on those individual products starts the day THEY purchased the product from Apple and not the day YOU purchased the product from them.
So that iPhone you just copped from Best Buy…that’s probably been sitting on their shelf for a half-year, may only have 6 months left on the one-year limited warranty.
How to fix this: Since the serial numbers are still with Apple, you can reach out to Apple Support Support directly at 1-800-692-7753 and have them change the actual purchase date (and subsequently, the limited warranty date) to reflect the date YOU purchased the product and NOT the date a 3rd-party purchased it from Apple…THEN sold it to. Be sure to have your receipt on hand when you call.