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11 Apple Watch Apps That Should Be On Your Download List

Just got word from the mother ship that my Apple Watch will be in my hands on April 24th. That means I have accessories to buy, and apps to download. Here are a few I apps I suggest you check out if/when you watch shows up.

I just got word from the Mothership that my Apple Watch will be in my hands on April 24th. That means I have accessories to buy, and apps to download. Apps are what make a mobile device useful. The Apple Watch is no exception and developers have been in the kitchen cooking up apps (They got BAKING SODA!) that will let users accomplish a ton of informative, healthy and productive tasks without looking at their iPhone.

Check out some dope Apple Watch apps that will be ready for you to download…that is when your watch decides to show up.


evernote apple watch app

Evernote is my go-to productivity app that helps me organize my whole entire life. Evernote for Apple Watch will give you the ability to dictate notes, search notes, set reminders and cross items off your to-do lists. It will also be a seamless experience reading notes on your watch and moving to your phone to finish up on a larger screen. If you’re an OneNote fan, it will be on Apple Watch as well.



If you’re a presentation guru, both PowerPoint and Keynote will both have Apple Watch compatibility that will let you control slides right from your wrist. With PowerPoint, you will need a Office 365 account, but for Keynote, as long as you have the latest version on your iPhone, iPad or Mac and have activated the Keynote Remote functionality, you’re good to go.



Knock was one of those clever “why didn’t I think of that” apps that let users unlock their Mac with their iPhone. So it would make sense to carry that simplistic functionality over to Apple Watch. Upgrading to the latest version of Knock, will let you simply tap on your wrist and Knock will automagically enter your Mac password and unlock.


Nike+ Running

nike running apple watch app

I’m trying to loose this tire around my gut (and other places) by running regularly. Slowly but surely, I’m picking up speed according my Nike+ Running App. Since Apple Watch uses the iPhone’s GPS and has 2GB of storage compatibility, with a decent pair of wireless headphones, you can leave your phone in your pocket (or on your arm) and glance on your wrist to monitor and track current run activity, look at stats and the leader board, and cheer other Nike+ Running users.


If you use Uber regularly, you already have your car type and billing preferences saved (or use Apple Pay) to quickly catch a ride. With Apple Watch compatibility, you can easily view approximate pickup times, set your pickup location, see who your drive is and his/her rating, right from Apple Watch, and get a tap on your wrist when your car has arrived.



It’s NBA basketball playoff time, and personally, I’ll be looking forward to the Hawks going deep into the playoffs and maybe even the Finals? The ESPN app has Apple Watch compatibility so you can get real-time scores, plays, and news and articles updates on your wrist.


Delta Airlines

I’m traveling to Austin Texas in June to do a presentation on making sure your website is secure from hackers. I have yet to book my flight, but It will be nice to know that I can use the Fly Delta app to get flight notifications, confirm terminal and gate locations, and use Apple Watch as my boarding pass to get through security and board the plane. All that technology and I STILL have to take off my shoes while going through security, smh.



shazam apple watch app

There have been songs I’ve heard where I’ve wanted to know more about, but I could never get my phone out fast enough, or I was too lazy to dig in my pocket #ImJustBeingHonest. Maybe now that Shazam is compatible with Apple Watch, find out more info about about song or TV commercial will be as simple as activating Shazam from my wrist?



Several good flicks I want to see are coming out this spring/summer, including Avengers Age of Ultron, Mad Max Fury Road, Jurassic World, and Terminator Genisys, to name a few. The Fandango app will let me view a countdown-to-showtime timer, check local movie times, get directions, and use my Apple Watch as my movie pass. Side note: Stark Industries is one of my favorite fictional companies.



If God was here on earth and he had a favorite fast food joint, I’m sure it would be Chipotle. How else do you describe its latest decision to offer delivery service? To sweeten the pot, I can now submit favorite orders, change order location, and get notified when my order is ready all from Apple Watch? That’s the true definition of a win/win


LastPass (Honorable Mention)

I’m a fan of LastPass password manager. It helps me keep all my passwords safe and makes it super easy to use passwords when I need them. I’ve been rockin’ with them for years. Now I know the more popular 1Password service has already announced their own Apple Watch-compatible app. But I tend to be a loyalist, so I’m going to wait and see if LastPass follows suit and lets me quickly view passwords, and secure notes on my wrist. From the looks of this response in the LastPass forums, I’m sure there’s one on the way.

That’s all the Apple Watch apps on my list. As I speak, app developers are announcing apps that will let you do even more things on your wrist. Sure the cult-followers loyalists like myself would have bought the Apple Watch with just Apple’s native apps available for launch. Time will tell if app developers will show your average consumer what place smartwatches have in our future. If they keep pumping out useful apps, the future will be pretty bright for wearables.

What Apple Watch apps are on your list?

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